My Favorite At-Home Workout

At-home Workout

I must admit, when somebody says at-home workout, what immediately comes to my head are household chores. But why not? Sweeping and mopping the floor, wiping the dust off the furniture – all the bending, reaching and stretching will test your stamina. Not to mention it will keep you moving for at least an hour or two. Who doesn’t become sweaty after doing the weekly apartment cleaning?

But after I found out about the scientific 7-minute workout, my view has totally changed. I am and will forever be a fan of running outdoors, attending yoga and pilates classes, and sweating it out in the gym. But if there are conditions that won’t allow for my favorite activities, an at-home workout doesn’t sound bad at all.

What is the scientific 7-minute workout?

This at-home workout is composed of 12 different exercises that are to be given 30 seconds each, to do 15 to 20 repetitions. You also get to have 10 seconds of rest in between each exercise. So that’s 12 exercises multiplied by 30 seconds, which is 360 seconds. Plus around 100 seconds for the rest in between each exercise. This at-home workout can be done in roughly under 8 minutes.

The scientific 12

7 minute workout

1.Jumping jacks

2.Wall sit


4.Abdominal crunch

5.Step-up onto chair


7.Triceps dip on chair


9.High knees/running in place


11.Push-up and rotation

12.Side plank


How scientific is the scientific 7-minute workout?

This at-home workout is developed and researched by the Human Performance Institute in Orlando. The researchers made sure that the at-home workout is fast (which is why it’s only 7 minutes), not boring (with 12 different exercises), and is a high-intensity workout.
The researchers claim that the at-home workout passes the criteria of the American College of Sports Medicine as physically vigorous. It has both metabolic and resistance training as well. They also say that the 12 exercises will hit all the major muscle groups. And the reason why they allotted 30 seconds for each exercise is for you to be able to do at least 15 repetitions.

Time to try it!

Setting up for this at-home workout is a breeze. You only need, of course, adequate space for the movements, a wall, and a sturdy chair. I did some stretching before I started it, and I also recommend that you do, although it isn’t stated in the workout. I used this video as it will show you the exact movements and it also has good music to go with it:

All in all, it was a great at-home workout! I really felt like I managed to move most of my muscles and I didn’t do just 7-minutes, but I did more. You can start doing just the basic 7 minutes and if you feel like you have the stamina to do more, you can repeat it.

Follow the steps and groove to the music and let us know if this at-home workout is the one for you!

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  • Edith Glover says:

    Looks easy to do. I’m going to try this at home starting next week. 360 seconds doesn’t seem hard if you think of it. Thanks Radiant Peach! ❤️

  • Lee Williamson says:

    I need this in my life tbh. I have no workout regimen in my life at all. I feel like I’m going to die early because of this.?

  • Cristina Clarke says:

    7 minutes is very easy to do. I bet you can even fit it in your daily routine no matter what.

  • Maybe I can do this within the day everyday? It’s easy to fit this kind of workout routine even when I’m busy.

  • Tiffany Jordan says:

    Wow, I’ve never heard of something like this. I’m willing to try.

  • Shelia West says:

    My friend has been constantly asking me to do this with her because she said it’s a really good substitute for gym when you’re not really a gym person. I never really looked into it because I was feeling lazy but now that I read this, it seems doable.?

  • Elsie Benson says:

    This is just cardio, right? I need a little muscle building. I guess I should just lift weights.

    • Leslie Smith says:

      This can help with a little muscle strengthening but not so much. If you want abs or anything like that, lifting is the way to go.

  • Cassandra Hines says:

    I don’t work out at all. I think I’ll die even with 7 minutes of doing all of this. I’m so unfit.

  • Diane Cox says:

    I love working out with good music. It makes me enjoy the workout more and I don’t even notice the time!

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