Say hello to the easy-to-clean MAZE hairbrush

Have you ever wondered how life can be much easier if your hairbrush is not filled with hair?

Researchers at the Ohio University does not want you to throw your hairbrush anymore, especially if it has tons of hair in it. The simple solution? An easy-to-clean hairbrush!

MAZE hairbrush


Meet the MAZE hairbrush. You can flex a part of it so it will be easier to clean.

It’s amazing isn’t it? The researchers found out that the average life span of a hairbrush (the amount of time a hairbrush spends with you before you throw it away due to the amount of hair it has) is from half a year to a year.

So you aren’t only helping the environment by using this hairbrush, which you probably won’t throw because it’s easy to clean, and by inspiring minds to invent things that might seem trifle at first (like who would really invent a hairbrush) but can really be useful?

And believe it or not, the MAZE hairbrush has won two awards, a Green Product Award from white lobster, a German agency for sustainable innovation and first placer in the Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Category of the A’ Design Awards in Italy.


Oh, and if you think you’re cleaning your hairbrush too often and is suffering from hair loss, watch this video to learn more. You might not just need a new hairbrush, after all.

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  • Susan Guevara says:

    Where can we get this hairbrush?

  • Lillie Vaoughn says:

    I have a detangler brush at home. While it’s good at cleaning tangles in your hair, it’s a bit difficult to clean.

    • Carole Gibbs says:

      I have one at home too and the bristles get damaged almost too quickly.

  • Mae Little says:

    There are really hair brushes that makes you lose more hair than the usual! ?

  • Billie Scott says:

    I suffer from hair loss and I’m seriously getting tired of how much my hair sheds.

  • Margie Ross says:

    I don’t see how that’s easy to clean. Because tangled hair is difficult to deal with on it’s own! Anything with bristles that are too close to each other will be difficult to clean, regardless of the bendable structure.

  • Elsie Thopson says:

    I have this and it’s just like a regular hairbrush. I have thick hair though so I’m not sure if that’s the issue.

    • Anne Knotts says:

      Where did you get yours?

      • Katie Rodgers says:

        I bought it online. But I’m not sure if this is the original because it didn’t work as well as I thought it would.

  • Bernadette Garza says:

    I didn’t even know that I’m supposed to throw away my hairbrush after a year? My brushes still look good and on tip top shape so why would I replace it if it’s not that worn out?

  • Judith White says:

    I don’t really lose that much hair so I just use any hairbrush. People think things like this are innovative, but once you see how much these companies are charging you for a simple hairbrush, you’ll be surprised.

  • Sometimes, I don’t even believe in awards like this because it’s not like they really work anyway. It’s all too good to be true!!

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