Exercise can possibly be replaced by Vitamin C

vitamin c weight loss

Move over exercise. It seems like taking a lot of vitamin C supplements can mimic the same effect. How is this possible?

A study presented at the 14th International Conference on Endothelin: Physiology, Pathophysiology and Therapeutics, showed that taking in vitamin C supplements is just like exercising. Weight loss and physical activity is important for those who are suffering from obesity, and those that need to maintain their weight.

Unfortunately, only half of those with diagnosed obesity and who are overweight can follow the prescribed exercise regimen. So this is how intake of vitamin C supplements can help those who need to lose weight and cannot do exercises.

How is vitamin C intake able to help the obese and overweight? To make it simple, the blood vessels of those obese and overweight adults are prone to becoming smaller and constriction. This is because of the high ET-1 activity (I know, too scientific). Now, exercising has been effective in reducing this ET-1 activity, which will not make the blood vessels constricted.

But not everyone finds it easy to exercise. So researchers at the  University of Colorado, Boulder, experimented on vitamin C supplements. They found that daily intake of vitamin C, at least 500 mg/day, time-released, significantly lowered ET-1-activity.

So if you want to have healthy blood vessels and mimic the same effects of exercising, eat lots of vitamin C and take supplements.

Watch this video to learn more about foods high in vitamin C:

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  • Susana Durette says:

    Good to know, great work

  • Rosemarie Gibbs says:

    This is convincing and although it doesn’t have much of a scientific basis, it’s good to know that my daily effort of taking vitamin c supplements aren’t wasted.

  • Kristina Ramsey says:

    I don’t take vitamin c but I know I get my vitamin c from fruits and vegetables. I don’t exercise too but I do eat healthy. My body isn’t as fit as others who work out, but I’m within a healthy BMI.

  • Kathy Gregory says:

    I’m going to start taking vitamin c as well. I know it’s no excuse to not exercise, but at least there are alternatives for people who really can’t afford to do much physical activities.?

    • Jenifer Jeni says:

      Yes, I better start taking them too. There are a lot of brands available in the pharmacy.

  • This is foolish. Nothing could ever replace exercise. This is a silly excuse for people just so they can stay fat.

  • Beware of some supplements though, and if by any chance you are going to use vitamin c in order to reduce obesity, anyone isn’t allowed to take more than 1,000mg of it. It will deplete your body of other nutrients.

    • MARGUERITE Bratton says:

      True, the safest is 500mg which is the usual dosage for 1 vitamin c tablet.

  • Tasha Daniel says:

    Sounds fishy. I do take my supplements daily so I’d like to think that it’s been boosting my immune system and reducing obesity too.

  • Catherine Hogan says:

    Guys, let me just remind you that it’s not about taking supplements. The video also talks about foods that are rich in vitamin C. Personally, I don’t like supplements. I’d rather eat whole foods. It’s healthier and I’m sure that it’s safer too..

  • Kelley Patton says:

    There won’t be any better alternatives to exercise. Even if vitamin C produces a somehow similar effect, the muscles and the way your heart is strengthened by cardio won’t ever be replaced by anything else.

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