What to eat to increase sexual appetite

increase sexual appetite

Being healthy doesn’t just include eating healthy or engaging in physical activities, it also means having a healthy sexual appetite. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, engaging in sexual activities is needed and is included in our basic┬áneeds. It ranks alongside breathing, eating, and other physiological aspects of living. Imagine that.

So what can you do if your partner is not in the mood for a few days now? Well, then you’re just in luck because I have the list of food that you can eat along with your partner to get that sexual appetite boost!

Food that can help increase sexual appetite



If you’ve seen an avocado, and I’m sure you have, you’ll notice it’s in the same shape as men’s testicles. And this is what the Aztecs believed.

But why are avocados good for increasing sexual appetite? It’s because it has a lot of unsaturated fats which is good for the heart and the arteries. And we all know that anything that can assist in blood flowing to all the “right” places helps get guys going.

Citrus fruits

If it’s rich in vitamin C, folic acid, and antioxidants, it’s good for men’s reproductive health.


We all know what oysters role is in increasing sexual appetite. It has a lot of zinc which boosts libido. But it’s just not oysters, there are oily fish like herring that has omega-3, which is good for the heart.


Here are more food to increase your sexual appetite:

What do you think? It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

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  • Pam Reyes says:

    I heard that clams are aphrodisiacs, or is it the same as oysters? Never tried and never really felt anything about it.

  • Marsha Reed says:

    I eat so much avocados and yet I don’t think it boosts my sexual appetite. I’m a woman though, so does that mean it only works for men?

  • Kim Fowler says:

    Men are always in the mood. No need for food like this. Seriously.?

  • If your man is not sexually interested with you, I think it needs more than just food that increases sexual appetite.

  • Sometimes, sexual appetite isn’t all about food. There are instanceslike being stressed or tired and nobody just feels like doing anything.

    • Wanda Androws says:

      I agree. I think this is something that has to be worked out between couples.

  • Freda Dawson says:

    This is still worth a try. Not sure if it really works, but there’s no harm in trying! ?

  • Eloise Hines says:

    My husband and I are vegan and we normally eat avocados. But I don’t see much of an ‘increase’ in appetite.

  • Helen Gray says:

    Just reading that avocados are shaped like that, I feel awkward eating them now.?

  • Anita Cortez says:

    Interesting! We eat a lot of this already.

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