Learn How To Do The Gua Sha Facial Treatment At Home

When I first heard of Gua Sha, I thought it was some kind of old practice of skin rejuvenation or an ultimate spa experience like an Ayurvedic treatment. Turns out, I was a little right. Gua Sha tools are like the famous jade rollers, which has become one of a skincare junkie’s favorite form of skincare and self-care. I’m sure you’ve seen this tool somewhere along the beauty aisle and it comes in different shapes, sizes, and material. Did you know that just a few minutes of Gua Sha treatment facial every day can improve your skin and clarity?

What is Gua Sha?

Learn How To Do The Gua Sha Facial Treatment At Home

Gua Sha is a traditional East Asian and Chinese technique that is used in order to invite well-being, proper circulation and toxic removal in the body. The Gua Sha tool is used gently on the skin of the face, and a little aggressive on the skin of the body. Basically, Gua means to scrape and Sha means to sand. This practice has been used for thousands of years and the tools that are used vary. From animal bone, Chinese soup spoon to rose quartz and other gemstones, you can choose which works for you the best.

What is Gua Sha for?

In traditional Chinese Medicine, it says that the entire channel of the organ system unites on the face. It also pre-dates from acupuncture. It says that the stroke pattern awakens the meridian lines or lifeforce path in order to activate the body’s natural healing system. For our skin, Gua Sha encourages the production of collagen and helps sculpt and tone the face shape. It promises to help the skin become radiant since it can increase blood circulation in the area. It also allows the inflammation to drain and for the muscles to release tension. Basically, it’s like a massage but a lot gentle and aesthetic in nature.

It is said that the Gua Sha’s effect is skin deep. Because the meridian lines are involved, organs like the stomach, spleen, liver, heart, and kidneys also receive rejuvenation. If you work your way over the area of the face that is connected to the kidneys, such as down the meridian line of the kidney, you can release toxins and help it relax. Thus, enabling it to function at optimal capacity.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what Gua Sha can do for you:

  • Aids in diminishing dark spots and hyperpigmentation in your skin.
  • Eliminates dark circles around your eyes.
  • Prevents and lessens sagging skin.
  • Reduces wrinkles.
  • Brightens the complexion.
  • Can relieve or heal rosacea.
  • Helps in the absorption of your skincare.
  • Speeds up the recovery and healing time of breakouts and pimples.
  • Can relieve migraines.
  • Can even be an alternative to face-lift surgery but only when practiced on a regular basis and when you’re receiving treatments from a licensed practitioner.

Step By Step Procedure of Gua Sha

  1. Start with cleaning your face and washing your hands. After patting your face dry with a clean washcloth, use a facial mist that has hydrosol like OSEA’s Sea Vitamin Boost. Hydrosol is the perfect base to drive the oil, in which you’ll apply next.
  2. Apply facial oil.  My favorite is also from OSEA, which is their Undaria Argan oil. Apply it starting on your forehead downwards. This activates movement in skin and tissues which is a great prep stage before the Gua Sha.
  3. Warm your Gua Sha tool. You can do this by slightly rubbing it between your hands and adding a little facial oil so it doesn’t tug on your skin.
  4. Sweep up your neck on both sides. Do this very gently over your Adam’s apple.
  5. Sweep up under your chin, from the middle of your face outwards to your earlobe while keeping your tool flat.
  6. Sweep from the middle of your chin over your jawline, towards the back of your earlobe. Gently jiggle at your ear to encourage fluid to drain down the neck to the lymph nodes.
  7. Sweep underneath your cheekbone, towards your hairline. Lightly jiggle the tool at your hairline.

For a more detailed instruction on how to do Gua Sha treatment, check this video out:

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  • Gua Sha is a very relaxing technique. I usually do this at night along with aromatherapy and it works really well for me. I feel like I’m able to sleep well.

    • Rebecca Givens says:

      Me too, Krystal Rose! It’s like a spa night every day.

  • Sounds very interesting. These Chinese medicine treatments really work when needed. I used to not believe in them until I’ve tried acupuncture which literally got rid of my migraines.

  • Opal Greene says:

    That video was very easy to follow. Thank you for including that. I was a little confused just reading through the instruction. Got my jade gua sha tool in Amazon and it works amazing.

  • Elsa Morales says:

    I always see these gua sha tools in dollar stores and I thought it was some sort of undereye patch or something. Definitely checking it out next time.😊

    • Rebecca Givens says:

      There’s no problem in using cheaper alternatives for Gua Sha tools, Elsa. Just make sure that there’s no sharp edge or bad trimmings, especially if it’s plastic and it’s not made from gemstones or animal bones. The face has very delicate skin!

  • Tabitha Horvath says:

    That’s a lot of claims for a very small tool. But if you really look into it, it’s a massage tool and massages really do improve circulation.

  • Kathryn Matthews says:

    I saw this in KORA Organics. The one that they have is the rose quartz. They call it a beauty tool instead of a Gua Sha tool but I guess that’s the purpose of it, they just didn’t care to explain how great the benefits were.

  • Sounds really fancy but it does work. Been trying this for a week now since I was curious about natural remedies and natural methods for a youthful skin.🤔

    • Rebecca Givens says:

      This is why I also recommend this. It’s very natural, no products needed aside from your very own skin care. Just a good Gua Sha tool and you’re all good!

  • It’s the first time I’m hearing of Gua Sha but I’ve heard of jade rollers and rose quartz rollers. I kinda like that more though because it seems non-abrasive.

  • Googled this and it scared me because others got bruises over this. Is that for real??

  • The jade tool is very common but I don’t even know the difference. Is there even a difference?

  • Emilie Dock says:

    Loved this. I am going home and giving myself an at-home gua sha massage.

  • Maria Hargrove says:

    What should I apply after the gua sha? Do I apply a moisturizer?

  • Sarah Rothman says:

    I did it with coconut oil and credit card. I had the smoothest skin for weeks after doing it. It’s time to redo.

  • Christin Fedor says:

    Where can we buy the gua sha tool??

  • Olivia Barreiro says:

    Coming home from an overnight shift, needing to relax and drift to sleep finding this new blog notification is just perfect.

  • Claudia Moller says:

    This is quite interesting, thank you!! As someone who gets swollen face and puffy eyes because of frequent allergic reactions. I’M always glad to learn something new.

  • Kristi Leverett says:

    I have been doing gua sha and I have seen more changes in my skin with gua sha.

  • Jessy Russo says:

    I have been using gua sha for 2 years now, my skin complexion has improved tremendously. Skin becomes more radiant and firm. I do this few times a week. Totally in love with this tool. I carry it everywhere I go.

  • Alexia Haak says:

    How do you keep these tools clean and sanitary? Do you disinfect each time you use it?

  • Rachel Ledoux says:

    This is so informative! Thank you!! I want to get gua sha now. I am truly obsessed with beauty and skincare and anything that can add to little rituals of self-love. Will be trying this.

  • Tracy Hadley says:

    I have never heard of either of these but I am definitely going to look into gua sha! Especially since I am now in my late 30’s looks like it will be a great tool for my oily, aging skin. Thanks!!

  • Emma Reichman says:

    I immediately bought a gua sha tool after reading this. Thank for the tips and facial massage routine.

  • Daniela Lange says:

    I’ve had a gua sha for a few years and I love using it especially when my face feels super puffy or swollen around my period. Mine is just ceramic.

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