How To Make Any Healthy Food Into Comfort Food

When we say comfort food, what we often have in mind are lakes of cream, oozy elastic cheese, and as many carbs as possible in one huge plate. But for the health conscious, our definition of comfort food is something different. Comfort food should be something that we are excited to prepare and cook and be able to eat and share with our friends and family. It should be something that brings a happy, nourishing and delicious experience!

How To Make Any Healthy Food Into Comfort Food

A lot of people who are new to a plant-based diet may think that the food is always plain and unappetizing. Honestly, that’s not the case. You can go as creative and colorful as you want! All you have to do is follow these steps in order to make sure that everything that you prepare will always be healthy and can also be considered as a comfort food.

Be Excited

Shop for ingredients that look enticing. Plant-based food isn’t just green, people! Look for colorful, fragrant and seasonal produce. Try new things often! I highly recommend skipping the supermarket sometimes and go to a local food market instead, where you can smell and feel the products. This adds to the experience of being excited about what you’re going to prepare and cook for the day. You can even chat with the vendor about the sourcing of the produce. Educate yourself with better alternatives and strive for an ethical and sustainable way to eat. Be excited about your purchases and plan ways on how to make the most out of it in every meal.

How To Make Any Healthy Food Into Comfort Food

Have Fun

Enjoy being in the kitchen! Pour yourself a glass of wine or brew a cup of your favorite tea while you prepare your meals. Be mindful of following the recipe while creating a delicious meal, whether you are cooking for yourself, friends or family. However, don’t forget to be spontaneous and adapt the recipe to your own preferences. If you think adding a little extra pepper or chili will do the trick in pleasing your taste buds, do it! If you also think that switching one fresh ingredient to another is better, do it! Always remember that cooking is all about preparing what’s right for you and eating what you really love. Not only that, but it’s all about having fun and being creative. Don’t take things too seriously!

Use What’s Familiar

Put your food into your favorite plate, a plate that you usually use for special occasions or an old bow that reminds you of dinner at grandma’s house. Eating from that plate will make your meal feel special and comforting. Don’t forget to eat somewhere you feel happy too! Maybe, you like eating curled up on the sofa, or under the tree in a park. Whatever makes you feel cozy and comfortable, do it!

How To Make Any Healthy Food Into Comfort Food

Celebration Even In Solitary

Whether we choose to eat alone, or because of irregular work shifts that cause us to eat alone– enjoy the moment. Use this opportunity to experiment on a new recipe or get creative with ingredients. Even if you mess up a little, nobody needs to know! Cooking for yourself is actually very rewarding, from the process that you did all the way through eating the meal. Relax, enjoy the food and savor every bite!

Celebrate Together

Even if there’s nothing to celebrate or there’s no occasion, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy cooking for friends and family. Turn each meal into a catch-up, a celebration, or simply just for conversation. It feels amazing to cook for family and friends because it’s fun to see them enjoy the food that you prepared from scratch. Don’t forget to set up the table too. Add fresh flowers and plenty of serving spoons so everyone can try new dishes. Most of our memories are the happiest with family and friends all gathered to enjoy a meal. Associate positive memories with food and develop a holistic attitude towards it in order to have a sense of comfort with each and every meal.

How To Make Any Healthy Food Into Comfort Food

Change the way you see comfort food and it can be any healthy food that you can enjoy eating without the guilty feeling. Sometimes, I even have a celebratory meal that I always cook in order to celebrate even the smallest achievements. When I’m feeling a little down, I treat myself to a hearty meal that can lift up my mood almost instantly. I also treat cooking as a way to ease any stress or bad feelings that may have accumulated because of a busy week. That way, I can see healthy food as a means of living a happier life and not just a healthy one. Always remember that being healthy is holistic.

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  • The local food market is so much better than the supermarket. I get fresher finds and more variety in the local food market almost every day. I know, most of you don’t have time for that, but I really think it’s worth the trip just in case you get the time to do it.

    • Julie Haggerty says:

      I think it’s worth it too. The supermarket only has very basic things like carrots, lettuce and the usual tomatoes, etc. But if you really want to find something new that’s in season, you should really go to the local food market.

    • Rebecca Givens says:

      The local food market is my favorite place to shop whenever I have enough time. I never go back empty handed!

  • Nellie Mills says:

    Yeah, comfort food isn’t the healthy version for me. When you say comfort food, I’d say ice cream and double-decker hamburgers. I do agree that if we are really aiming to be healthy, you have to change your perspective in what you’re eating.

  • Opal Greene says:

    When I started to live a vegan lifestyle, I’ve actually gotten more creative with food preparation. There are a lot of things that you can explore with plant-based food and it’s really exciting. One spice after another can change the entire flavor and that’s the best part about cooking.

  • Elsa Morales says:

    Cooking is very therapeutic for me. That’s why I make sure that I cookmy own meals on weekends.😉

  • I’m new with switching to plant-based food and I don’t think it’s boring at all. You just have to find the right “mix” so you don’t end up eating bland tasting meals. I learned to stock up on spices and herbs in order to enhance everything I eat. So far, I don’t think it’s boring!

    • Rebecca Givens says:

      It’s only boring if you make it boring! Always try new recipes, there are tons here on our page. Feel free to try them all out.

  • I have a coffee table near my window but it serves as my dinner table as well. I have a separate dinner table but I just prefer sitting cozily near the window with the view of the busy streets down below. In the morning, I enjoy drinking my tea there too. I think it’s not the food that makes me feel cozy, but the ambience around me so I really take note of that.

  • I live alone so I usually cook for myself. My friends come over sometimes and I really love cooking for them. I’d like to think that they also love my cooking (since they do go back and ask me to cook for them). It is very fulfilling.😄

  • Guys, if you want to change the way you see comfort food, figure out how to deal with your stress eating. We all know how stress eating is the reason why we seek eating comfort food.😩

    • Right, stress eating is a lot like looking for comfort food. Maybe that’s why comfort food isn’t always healthy!

  • Julie Shaw says:

    There’s nothing wrong with eating alone. I actually like it better because I can take the time to eat slowly and really enjoy what I’m eating with every bite.

  • Laura Mendoza says:

    Changing the way we all think of comfort food is probably the best way to really eat healthier. Stop giving in to cravings and just enjoy what you’re eating.

  • Tasha Daniel says:

    We shouldn’t even be picky with what we eat. Others don[t even have the luxury to eat anything at all.

  • Erica Beck says:

    Food tastes amazing when you know you worked hard to cook it. Even if it’s just for me or something for my family and friends, it feels nice to finish cooking any type of meal.😀

  • Nothing beats home cooked meals. I prefer it more than anything else. Anything that’s home cooked is comforting for me.


    Comfort food is my go-to during the weekends. I’m aware that it’s not good for my health and it makes me feel worse after eating it. I would rather eat something healthy!

  • My definition of comfort food used to be CHEESE, loads of CHEESE. But I’m a vegan now and it’s been years since I last ate cheese. I appreciate healthier alternatives now.😙

    • Louise Mathis says:

      Cheese has always been the best comfort food before all the news about sustainable food sources.🙁

  • Alice Wood says:

    The local food market is really great if you want to find seasonal vegetables and fruits. Not all supermarkets have them because supermarkets only sell common food that secures sales.

  • Laurie Stephens says:

    No matter how tempted I am to eat something unhealthy, I always tell myself that I have to control the urge no matter what. An entire year of eating healthy can be ruined by just a day of eating unhealthy!

    • Rebecca Givens says:

      I admire your discipline, Laurie! You’re doing a great job.

  • Della Blake says:

    You really have to celebrate even if there’s nothing to celebrate sometimes. It’s a form of reward for yourself which is actually very comforting.

    • Juana Fox says:

      I agree with this reward system. Eat something special on days that you feel down and you need “comfort food”.

  • Vera Wolfe says:

    Love how realistic for the everyday person your recipes are. Usually I read “simple” vegan cooking recipes that call for all these expensive and hard to find ingredients with tons of steps. Thanks a ton! Love the content!

  • Yolanda Tate says:

    I love your articles you make me feel like I can do anything. I’ve been trying your ideas on eating healthy and stuff and I’ve found myself losing a lot of weight thank you so much !

  • Claudia Alvarado says:

    My friends and I live alone so we usually eat together during the weekend. We cook meals together too. We think of it as a time to catch-up and just overall do bonding time. It may not be everyone’s definition of comfort, but for me, it really is.

  • My depressed vegan food recipe involves eating 2 pieces of fake cheese and then heating up some Gardein nuggets even though I’m gluten intolerant.

  • Amy Bailey says:

    I really admire how creative you are. By the way, just wondering… How old were you when you started being vegan? 😀

  • Anita Cortez says:

    😩😩 now I’m hungry! Those pics you put on the article look delicious as always but now I’m craving this third one so bad!!

  • Lola Leonard says:

    Everything looked so delicious and i love your ideas! So practical. 😋 can you do a Christmas vegan dinner 🍴 recipes article please ?

  • Betsy Rose says:

    I have a habit of tweaking recipes and I think that’s okay. I think it’s a talent that I can turn simple flavors into something else just by adding one ingredient or two.

    • Flora Kennedy says:

      Yes, that’s a talent. Not everyone else has the taste buds for that. My mom is like that and she can immediately tell what’s missing and what’s needed.

  • Alicia Kim says:

    Thank you soooo much for bringing this happiness into my life 👌👌 I should stop being lazy and quit eating processed food and make my own healthy snacks!

  • Regina Curry says:

    Do you have any ideas for a replacement seasoning for nutritional yeast? I feel like I’m the only vegan who hates it! Hahah.

  • Martha Brady says:

    My comfort food is kale. I like really dense kale that’s been chopped, dusted with olive oil and salt, grilled in oven. Something about it texturally and the way it completely falls apart in my mouth, like a super fragile chip. Plus it kinda tastes like sunflower seeds to me, I dunno.

  • Jeanette Cobb says:

    Great tips!! I was just wondering what butter you use when you bake? I’ve used a couple different kinds of the earth balance vegan butter, but mine never seems to be as creamy as it should be. Anyway, thanks for the ideas! Love you and your healthy foods!

  • Elsie Reid says:

    You are such a beautiful soul! I’m not even vegan (I probably am accidentally for half the week though!) but absolutely love trying out your recipes!

  • Rosalie Stevens says:

    You’re the reason i’m trying to finally go vegan!!! your recipes are so easy and yummy and it shows how easy it is to be vegan!!! just need to do a bit more research on getting proper vitamins .

  • Tanya Santiago says:

    I’ve never been vegan, but I’m going to try it in 2019 and this article is giving me so much inspiration! I’m also about to move into an apartment and won’t have the meal plan I had living on my college campus, but this definitely has given me hope that I will be able to not starve on my budget! 😂

  • Eva Reyes says:

    I heard icecream and chocolate are relatively okay if they’re made from scratch (Homegrown ingredients you grow/make from the cow). Homemade/homegrown chocolate even has some B vitamins. What do you think about that?

  • Deanna Harper says:

    Yummy ideas that are perfect for this season! 🙂 I make a lot of healthy comfort food but I’ve never seen them done this way!! So excited to try this .

  • Elsa Walton says:

    I love how you’re always full of the best ideas! For healthy comfort food I got to sweet potatoes with almond butter (or peanut butter for cheaper) on top! Or a lentil shepherd’s pie, which you can lower the calories on by making the topping half mashed potatoes and half mashed cauliflower. Lots of veggie and bean soups and stews, too. 😀

    • Louise Mathis says:

      I am also on such a sweet potato kick lately. Curried with lentils in a soup or even just as a fries for a base for chili. Seriously so cheap and warm and comforting!

  • Dawn Katz says:

    I love going to the grocery store or the local food market. There’s something about shopping for colorful vegetables that makes you feel healthy already. I also find it very effective that your veggies aren’t pre-packed and it’s very difficult to tell if it’s really fresh.

  • Frances Gillespie says:

    My husband cooks the best comfort food in the whole wide world. I find that his cooking feels like ‘home’ and I love that. 😍

  • Sadie Pride says:

    I can’t always go to the park to eat and I also don’t have that luxury, so I just make sure that whenever I eat, I have no distractions. No gadgets, no checking of emails or whatsoever. It makes me feel comforted that while I’m eating, I know that it’s a sacred time for me to eat peacefully.

  • Blanche Martina says:

    It’s true, if you enjoy the process of cooking, you will really feel good about what you’re eating. I also think that you can really put your heart in anything that you cook. I find that my food tastes better when I’m in a good mood and it tastes bland when I’m in a bad mood.

  • Ana Brose says:

    Great ideas and good to know that they are cheap. Do you have any recipes for when you get sick because I have a cold?

  • Anne Rios says:

    I’m new to your beautiful little corner of the internet and LOVING the content! Keep it up you healthy queen 😉💖

  • Alicia Parker says:

    I swear you make the healthy life easier and more fun than anyone else! Girl I am in love with your recipes!!!!

  • Rosie Jenkins says:

    Comfort food? Well, I don’t necessarily prepare anything. I prefer cold fruit. Apples, grapes, cherries, watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. I have periods of intense pain that make me sick and not want to eat. Some of the only things I really want during that is nice cold fruit because it’s light and doesn’t make me feel sicker.

    • Love my fruit to be cold too .. Cherries are great .. probably lowest sugar content of your yummy list. I hope your intense pain eases!

    • Same 🙌🙌🙌 Local apples in the autumn. Berries, especially strawberries or bilberries. Perfect!

  • Not for the most health-conscious but: another hack is to add about a can of coca cola to a box of cake mix to get the batter!

  • I found you before I was vegan and loved your recipes, now your blog is like my holy grail 😻👏🏼 Thank you!

  • Appreciate the food on the table. That’s pretty much all you need. Appreciate that this meal is healthy and that it won’t be bad for your health if you eat a little more than the usual.

  • I know it can be weird but I have a favorite plate and mug. It’s true that even the little details are important in order for us to feel comfort.

  • Margarita Mineeva says:

    Sometimes, I prefer eating alone. When I’m with other people, I’m inclined to talk more instead of enjoying my food.

  • What’s very comforting about healthy food is that you know that it’s not bad for you even if you enjoy eating it. I love eating guilt-free food because I know that it’s good for me.

  • I’m totally making me some healthy comfort food this weekend. No more of those junk foods.

  • Janice Way says:

    Every once in a while a girl has to indulge herself! What better way to do it other than with delicious healthy snacks? 😉

  • Peggy Weber says:

    I appreciate your articles and the effort you put into them so much <3 I’m trying these for sure 😋

  • Tina Woods says:

    I sound like a broken record, but seriously I can’t get enough of your food related articles. 🙌

  • Tabitha Hopkins says:

    YAAAAAAS YOU ARE THE BEST 💖🙌 wish I could eat everything you cook 😳

  • Johanna Kelly says:

    I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE SO MUCH!!! SO many good ideas! I hope you do a Christmas recipes articles at some point xo

  • Arlene Davis says:

    Making all of these on my day off AND on a gloomy day in California FINALLY! ☁🌿🍁

  • Doreen Morales says:

    Seriously, out of all the vegan / healthy life blogs, YOU have THE BEST RECIPES and ideas!!!!

  • Cathy Daniel says:

    You’re my favorite place to go for healthy comfort food! Totally drooling over thinking of the possibilities of the wonders I can create with the stuff I have laying in the fridge 😍😍😍

  • Victoria George says:

    I am a transitioning vegan and OMG, you recipes seem so simple and yummy. I can’t wait to try them!

  • Jackie Chavez says:

    I’ve been trying to eat healthier and your recipes are some of my favorite my favorite to make 😀

  • Opal Greene says:

    I make fun vegan recipes too and i will be making some more soon. You inspire me.

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