Household Cleaning Items That Are Nontoxic

With all the commercials and advertisements about cleaning agents, most of us are starting to think that unless we’re using bleach or any other strong cleaning items that are being advertised by these big companies, our house isn’t 99.9% germ-free. That’s not always the case and those options aren’t really the safest. If it’s killing germs, bacterias or molds, then it’s probably going to harm any other living thing that comes in contact with it. Probably the only reason why humans aren’t directly affected by it, aside from a few chemical burns or skin allergies that it has caused us, because we never really assumed or deeply thought that whatever goes down the drain makes its way into our oceans and rivers– polluting bodies of water and harming every marine life that lives underwater. Not only that but even those who are on land, whether it’s animals or human beings, we’re all affected.

With this in mind, I’ve listed a couple of cleaning items that aren’t toxic and are amazing alternatives than the toxic ones. I personally think that they do the job just fine, (and sometimes twice as good!)

Olive Oil

Household Cleaning Items That Are Nontoxic

Metal objects can become dull because of constant contact with dust, changes in temperature and other environmental substances. Not only can olive oil be used as a beauty treatment, but it can also be used to give your metal pieces back to its shining glory. All you have to do is add baking soda to a small amount of olive oil and rub it to the metal that needs cleaning. Leave it on for about 10 minutes then wipe it off with a damp cloth.

You can also use olive oil to brighten up dried up wooden furniture or stains. All you have to do is create a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil and wipe it over the wood’s surface and watch it return to its former glory.


This is probably the most versatile cleaning agent there is. From windows, coffee makers, to killing grass without the use of pesticides, vinegar can do it all for you. For simple cleaning, just mix vinegar with water and use a sponge to clean blinds and countertops. For your coffee maker, you can fill the reservoir with vinegar and run the coffee maker through a brewing cycle, then rinse by repeating the process using distilled water. For unwanted grass or as weed remover, you can just pour vinegar on that spot and repeat as needed. Not to mention, for floors that don’t require wax, such as tiles, you can also use this to mop your floors and disinfect it.

Hot Sauce

Household Cleaning Items That Are Nontoxic

Okay, don’t freak out. Hot sauce can clean copper! If you’re skeptical, ask a person whose collecting old pennies and you’ll be surprised at how they can clean even the oldest pennies just by letting them soak in a bowl of hot sauce for a few minutes. Remember to use gloves because it’s called hot sauce for a reason.

All you have to do is get a glass bowl and fill it up with hot sauce. The fun part is, if you have old packets of hot sauce from pizza deliveries that have been in your pantry for quite some time already, you can use that. You don’t have to purchase a fresh bottle from the store if you want to do this. Place all the pennies that you need to clean in a bowl and make sure that all the sides are covered. Let it sit for a few minutes and watch as the gunk melt away. Rinse and enjoy your good as new pennies. If it’s a piece of furniture that you need to clean, find a way to soak the part that needs cleaning then just wipe it off with a wet cloth afterward.

White Wine

For those who are wine lovers, you probably already know that you can remove red wine stains using a white wine. For those who don’t know about this, all you have to do is run cool water through the stain and spot clean the area by pouring white wine on the stained area and rinsing it with soap and water after. If the stain is still visible, you can repeat the steps 2-3 times.

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  • Mary Green says:

    Cleaning with vinegar is actually great. After you rinse the floor with water, it doesn’t even smell like vinegar anymore. I also noticed that it removes mold better than bleach.

  • Zara Wright says:

    These are great options. Lately, it’s almost a lost cause for people to follow eco-friendly alternatives because they think it’s not always the best option.

    • Amanda Davis says:

      It’s wrong to think that it’s not effective because most of it really is.

  • Nathalie Klein says:

    Good thing you reminded me to put gloves on because I honestly would have just dipped my fingers into hot sauce because I was thinking about it being just a cleaning agent.

  • Alexa Fiorre says:

    Olive oil is a little expensive to just use for cleaning. But that’s just me because I’m a cheapskate.?

  • Ashley Wilden says:

    It’s great that these alternatives are better for the planet, but they aren’t exactly cheap especially the wine.

  • Tricia Marie says:

    We have lots of leftover packets of hot sauce. I’m going to try cleaning old copper furniture.

    • Debra Perry says:

      I just cleaned up my hotsauce stash and found only expired ones. I wonder if it will still work?

  • Jory Sanchez says:

    Baking soda in itself is actually already an amazing cleaning ingredient when you add lemon. My mom uses it a lot.

  • Janea Allisson says:

    I’m going to try all of this soon. Spring cleaning is overdue!

  • Evelyn Morris says:

    Interesting! I’m definitely trying hotsauce because we always order pizza.

  • Betty Martinez says:

    Lemon and baking soda works well with metal. I heard it even get rids of ant infestations.

  • Julia Gray says:

    I’m sorry but I’d rather cook with olive oil, not clean with it.

  • Sara Washington says:

    I really like alternatives like this. For some reason, I get so curious about living without toxic cleaners. Sooner or later we’d be resulting to natural cleaning agents because of the state of this planet.

  • Denise Murphy says:

    Is there a specific vinegar that works well? Or any vinegar is fine?

  • Beverly Price says:

    Olive oil is wonderful. Is it weird that I sometimes add salt for a little abrasive cleaning?

    • Alice Torres says:

      Won’t that damage the metal?

  • Virginia Davis says:

    White wine is a life saver. Although you have to clean the stains as soon as possible. It took me a few hours and it already dried up and it took me a lot of scrubbing to get it off.

  • Kathy Rogers says:

    The hotsauce was a really good idea!!! I definitely need a lot of old metal cleaning.

  • Frances Williams says:

    Vinegar should be diluted in water though. I find that it’s too potent to be directly used in furniture.

  • Annie Wright says:

    Hopefully, companies would really produce non-toxic cleaning products and not for people to just find substitutes like this. It’s not like most of these alternatives are cheap. The toxic ones are cheaper in the market and people would really opt for cheap buys.

    • Kathryn Barnes says:

      I agree. I don’t think I’d buy olive oil for cleaning, or an additional bottle of vinegar just so I could clean my furniture. Saving the planet is nice but having very little budget for expenses isn’t helping.

  • Melissa Richardson says:

    It’s usually the least of people’s concern when it’s about the well-being of the planet we live in.

  • Susan Lopez says:

    This could be helpful if I don’t have any cleaners around.

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