Is Oat Milk Good For Your Health?

Lately, oat milk has been a rising star. It has a creamy and rich consistency which is perfect for your daily concoctions such as coffee and tea. However, there are pros that still argue whether oat milk is good for your health. Basically, oat milk is less nutritionally balanced compared to almond, hemp and coconut milk because of their protein variety, brain-boosting healthy fats, and minerals. On the other hand, oat milk does have their own unique benefits and is one of the more delicious plant-based options that you can use to replace cow’s milk.

What is oat milk?

Is Oat Milk Good For Your Health?

Oat milk is a vegan alternative that you can use to cow’s milk. Basically, it’s made by blending a cup of soaked, old-fashioned rolled oats in a blender with three cups of water. Then, the liquid is poured through a cheesecloth to separate the milk. Other kinds of oat milk have cinnamon, dates, vanilla, or any other natural sweeteners to enhance its flavor.

Oat milk is also ideal for those with dietary restrictions and allergy because it’s naturally free of dairy, soy, lactose, nuts, and gluten. Oat milk is also now available pre-made in grocery stores and health food markets. Because of the growth of sales, manufacturers often add extra vitamins and minerals to enrich the product such as vitamin A, calcium riboflavin and vitamin D.

You have to take note that commercial varieties will differ in added ingredients. Also, keep in mind that homemade oat milk will also differ slightly in micronutrients compared to manufactured ones.

What are the health benefits of oat milk?

Is Oat Milk Good For Your Health?

  • Prevents Anemia – Anemia is a condition characterized by lack of red blood cells in the body which may cause symptoms like fatigue, pale skin, and dizziness. Those who are on a vegetarian or vegan diet are mostly at a higher risk of anemia because plant-based foods lack in these important micronutrients. A cup of oat milk contains an approximate amount of 10% of the iron you need in an entire day, making it a naturally good source of iron.
  • Strengthens Bones – 99% of the calcium in your body is found in your bones. It is used to regulate bone development and maintenance. Commercial oat milk is often enriched with both calcium and vitamin D which are two of the most important micronutrients that play a huge role in bone health.
  • Lowers Cholesterol Levels – Oats are well-known for their heart-healthy benefits. Not only that, but it’s also good in keeping your cholesterol levels in check.
  • Boosts Immunity – Commercial oats are usually rich in vitamin D and vitamin A which is directly linked to the immune system enhancing benefits. There are also studies that show that vitamin D deficiency is associated with a higher risk of autoimmune conditions like type 1 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.

What are the cons of drinking oat milk?

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Even though there are lots of potential health benefits, just like any other milk that’s available in the market, there are still dangers that need to be considered.

In choosing or buying your oat milk, you might want to choose the best commercial variety. If it’s pumped with additives, preservatives, and sugars, it can diminish its health-promoting properties. Manufactured oat milk often contain emulsifiers that can impact digestive health. You also have to take note that even if oats are naturally gluten-free, the oat milk itself is processed in facilities that also process gluten-containing grains like wheat or barley and may cause cross-contamination.

Personally, I love switching up my vegan milk options depending on what I feel like drinking that day. I also find that these milk alternatives taste better with certain types of drinks but not all! Bottom line, it’s your choice to figure out what works best for you. All you have to do is consider the pros and cons (or taste!).

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  • I actually love oat milk. I like it better than soya because it just tastes so much better. It’s sweeter and a lot like real milk IMO.

  • Great idea, if oat milk isn’t balanced in nutrients, you can always switch your choices every day.😉 I think oat milk would taste in sweet drinks like smoothies and coffee.

    • Rebecca Givens says:

      It does taste nice with smoothies. It’s my new found favorite!

  • Oat milk does taste good. I think it’s slightly similar to soya but creamier.

  • Joyce McAllister says:

    I would prefer making my own oat milk, but there won’t be any additional nutrients. I guess if I really need additional nutrients, I have to result to buying manufactured ones.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. I was actually excited about making my own oat milk but when I saw that the nutrients aren’t as good, I had to think twice.

  • Guys, there’s no harm in trying oat milk. Just make sure that you buy from reputable brands that really take into consideration the health benefits of their products.

  • I’m not vegan so I’m pretty sure that I don’t have any deficiencies. I just think oat milk is delicious compared to other milks.😚 I also don’t mind that it has barely any natural nutrients.

  • Osana Smith says:

    Interesting. I love oatmeal but haven’t tried the milk version. I bet it tastes the same though since it’s basically just oats soaked in water!

  • I agree with the lowering of cholesterol levels. Some oatmeal even have Omega 3. I wonder if there are oat milks that also have Omega 3.

    • Donna Tate says:

      I haven’t seen any, but you can always check other brands.

  • Shirley Flores says:

    I love oat milk! It tastes really delicious and I used to love cow’s milk a lot. It’s an amazing alternative if you ask me. 🤩

    • Rebecca Givens says:

      We really appreciate that you’ve made the switch, Shirley!

  • Janice Wood says:

    It’s your choice if you want to try oat milk. It’s great because it’s best for people who are always allergic to a lot of things.

  • Martha Walker says:

    Oat milk is my new fave..! I swear it tastes like heaven.😇

  • Evelyn Morris says:

    I know that it’s going to be less nutritious if you DIY it, but it tastes better if you add flavor to it. You can even add star anise, cinnamon, herbs or other spices. It tastes nice and just gives a nice flavor to it.

    • Rebecca Givens says:

      Yummm! Cinnamon sounds like a good flavor.

  • Julia Gray says:

    I’m an oats lover, so I’m sure I’m going to be loving this oat milk! It makes me want to spell it like “Oat Mealk” too. 🤣

  • Denise Murphy says:

    Hm… I don’t think it’s too similar with actual oats. Tastes a bit like it, but slightly plain and less sweeter. Maybe the brand I drank wasn’t as good as the others.

    • Alice Torres says:

      I think it’s better that it’s not too sweet. If it was, then it has loads of sugar which defeats the purpose of it being healthy.

  • Annie Wright says:

    If anyone can suggest a good brand of oat milk??

  • Susan Lopez says:

    If you’re worried about not getting enough nutrients from milk, just keep switching from other milks. That’s how you get all the nutrients anyway.

  • Debra Perry says:

    Whenever I hear the word milk, it’s mainly synonymous to calcium. So, if you tell me that this has iron and everything else, this is already a step further than normal milk.😆

  • Prudence Sams says:

    I just brought oat milk today for the first time, so creamy, so delicious!! It’s goodbye to almond milk for sure, can’t believe I’ve been sleeping all these days.

  • Julia Kellner says:

    I don’t prefer store brought oats milk because it has been fortified with vitamins and minerals that don’t occur in oats naturally.

  • Christie Holley says:

    But oats milk is my favorite nondairy milk.

  • April Fairfield says:

    I turned vegan last year and since then oats milk is my favorite milk.

  • Rosy Harriss says:

    But oats milk is really good for health and it tastes better than almond and soy milk.

  • Mariana Lu says:

    I used to love oats milk but now I am confused!!

  • Melinda Greene says:

    I switched to oats milk 6 months ago and haven’t looked back since then.

  • Angie Gillespie says:

    Oats milk is really good for people who have a dietary restriction. There may be some cons but there are a lot more pros.

  • Elora Troiano says:

    Oats are among the healthiest grains on earth and so is its milk.

  • Melinda Vaccaro says:

    I use oat milk when I make muffins and they tastes heavenly!!

  • Suzanne Harriss says:

    I have heard of almond milk, soy milk, and rice milk but I have never heard of oat milk

  • Lily Kirkman says:

    I didn’t know about the danger of oat milk. Thank you for the information!!

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