Can You Make Up For Lack Of Sleep?

Have you ever wondered why you still feel tired even if you slept until noon because you’re trying to make up for last night’s lack of sleep? Because in reality, you can’t really make up for lack of sleep. You can’t trick your body into thinking, “Hey, I added a few hours to my sleep today because I barely slept last night!”

Whenever you barely slept or didn’t even sleep the night before, you can no longer erase damage you’ve caused your body and to your daily life. Trying to compensate for lack of sleep is just a coping mechanism. It’s just people trying to justify their bad habits in order to prevent themselves from adapting to better ones. Others think of it like: “I’ll just sleep my weekend off so I can make up for my entire week’s sleepless nights.” Most of us are guilty of this! But the thing is, you have already gone through your week not feeling your best. Then, you’ll sleep the weekend off. Weekends are usually the only time that you can do more productive things that aren’t relevant to work. It’s probably the only time you can dine at a nice restaurant to relax and eat, have a few drinks with your friends, or read a book in a coffee shop. You’ll be surprised how quickly the weekend has gone because you’ve slept the entire day and you’re facing another week of sleepless nights. Does that sound fun and healthy to you?

The only way to make up for lack of sleep is to have 8 hours of sleep daily. Period.  Do that for consecutive days and months and you’ll get used to it, effortless. You’ll be surprised how amazing your mood has improved, your productivity at it’s maximum, and your health at its best.

Never take sleep for granted. It’s your body’s way of rejuvenating itself in order to function well. As simple as a few days of sleeping late can cause your immune system to plummet, and we don’t want that. There are also studies that say lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain!

Being healthy isn’t all about eating well and making sure you’ve had your daily exercise. Health is a holistic thing and that includes getting enough sleep daily.

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  • Deanna Woods says:

    It’s true that it’s just a matter of trying to cope. I do feel like whenever I sleep late for consecutive days is that I’m about to get sick. Or that I just feel way more tired by oversleeping. I do value sleep a lot and I try to get a decent amount of sleep everytime.

  • Maxine Ford says:

    Wow, this is crazy. I always try to compensate for lack of sleep! ?

  • I’m never going to sleep late just because of Netflix. I keep thinking that the next day I could always sleep until late.

    • Della Martin says:

      I laughed at the Netflix part. But seriously dear, don’t do that anymore.

  • Elle Bente says:

    I’m also guilty of doing that but only because I do feel tired and I can’t seem to recover from the lack of sleep. It probably is just a means of justifying not sleeping but if I feel like my body needs to sleep, then I definitely will.

  • Emily Weiss says:

    I have been feeling awfully tired lately and as much as I want to say that I’ve been sleeping well, I still feel extremely tired the next day. It was mainly because of sleeping late some time around last week and I coud still feel the exhaustion up to now.

  • Don’t expect to be healthy if you can’t even get enough sleep at night. There was one time I went through weeks of overtime and it exhausted the heck out of me. It consisted of sleeping until 3:00AM then waking up again early in the morning to go to work and go through the same agony over and over again. It really wasn’t fun and even the slightest bit of coldness in the air made me catch a flu! It’s insane. No amount of healthy food can compensate for lack of sleep.?

    • caroline wagstaff says:

      I totally agree. I felt the same way weeks ago and I can’t imagine going through that again.

  • Hachi Komatsu says:

    I think that the worst way that you can do to your body is to deprive it from proper sleep. Working out, eating healthy, staying hydrated– all of that is nothing without proper sleep.

  • Ofelia Ruley says:

    The worst feeling in the world for me is getting very little sleep. It makes me feel like I’m on edge and I can’t function properly during the day without wanting to crawl back to bed and sleep forever.

  • Eloisa Clay says:

    As adults, we don’t exactly need as much sleep unlike when we were kids. We need just about 6-8 hours and honestly, that’s not even a lot. I have problems sleeping so I take the time to really relax myself before I sleep. I take a warm bath, use essential oils, lavander scented candles, etc. I find that if ‘preparing for sleep’ makes babies sleep better, it’s also the same with us adults. It’s been working well for me so far and I do feel amazing because of having slept well every night.

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