Let your kids play outside!

Kids play outside? I know you might be wondering why I’m talking about kids. But I know that some of you are mothers, and I would also like to get you more involved with me and about health for you and your children.

If you are a mom and you’re unsure if you should be spending more time with your kids outside, then let me tell you what the recent studies say. YES. A very big YES.

kids play outside


The study done by Mingguang He from China showed that spending more time outdoors, or simply letting your kids play outside more, can possibly delay the development of myopia or nearsightedness. Not to mention the other benefits of playing outdoors like fresh air, development of gross and fine motor skills, and a lot more!

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of letting your kids play outside:


But what benefits does this have for you as a mother?

If you let your kids play outside, you will also be able to relax and read a book whilst watching them. Or you can go to the park, sit down and do some coloring with them (it’s a trend). Or you can also get some tan while you’re out!

Just because your kids are playing it doesn’t mean that you can’t play, too. Be creative. You have been multitasking for a long time and this one isn’t going to hurt. Just make sure your kids stay within a safe range. So also be smart about the area that you choose.

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  • Leslie Roberson says:

    Playing outside is important but there isn’t a lot of places for kids to play in. Let them play in parks and they could get kidnapped, attacked by some pedophile or something. It’s so unsafe already.

  • Erica Beck says:

    I let my kid play whenever we have access to outdoor parks. We don’t have a backyard and we live in the city, so it’s not like we can always let our children play outside.

  • Myrtle Bailey says:

    Unless you live in the rural part of the country, the definition of ‘outside’ isn’t nice.

  • It’s really sad that there are very few trees for children to climb and play on. My grandmother used to tell me that when she lived in the country side, TV wasn’t something that they’d watch but their imagination run wild as they ran through the fields and hid amongst the trees.

    • Lucia Lucero says:

      I kind of wish that we had that kind of playground too!

  • I also live in the city… So… I just take my kids to playgrounds or play areas.?

  • Louise Mathis says:

    Another thing, let children play in the rain, get dirty, and sweat! We’re all too protective and they think ‘nature’ is dirty.

    • Anita Price says:

      True, we teach them to think that playing with soil or grass is dirty instead of nurturing them to love nature.

  • Freda Dawson says:

    Fresh air? Even if you let kids play in the park there’s pollution everywhere. This article is so naive sounding.

  • Eloise Hines says:

    Well, I’d love to let my kids have a normal life and let them play outside!

  • Wilma WILLIAMS says:

    Nature trips are good even once in a while. We all know how people who live in the city aren’t exposed to fresh air, surrounded by trees and all that nature goodness.

  • Lynda Diaz says:

    Let children travel with you. That’s another alternative for the mommies who live in urban areas.?

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