Food and Herbs That Support Your Liver with Detox

It’s very timely to have a detox program now that the year is just starting. It’s also the best time of the year to develop new habits for a healthier lifestyle.

Our body functions because of its brilliant biochemistry. Each of our systems has it’s unique function and they’re linked to one another. If one starts to malfunction, everything else goes awry. When it comes to detox, it becomes a huge factor for poor health. There are researches that show that increased in toxin exposure can trigger autoimmune conditions and other complications, so detox is a good way to keep your body systems working in its full potential. Our liver is our main detoxifier and we want to support it with the process.

Below are a few of the things that you can consume in order to support the detox process:

Milk Thistle

Backed up by research, this plant is a natural remedy for treating liver ailments. It has been used for so many years to treat hepatitis and alcoholic liver disease. Milk thistle is known to eliminate toxins that have built up in the liver over time. It also helps restore liver cells that have been damaged because of toxins. Milk thistle can be in tea or supplement form.


Garlic helps in activating liver detox enzymes that work hand in hand to break down toxins that penetrate our body. What’s good about garlic is that you can easily add it to your meals.

Burdock Root

Burdock root has natural diuretic properties that help in flushing out toxins by increasing fluid excretion and boosting your lymphatic system. It works well with removing heavy metal toxins in your body. This can also be taken as a tea or a supplement.


Just like garlic, beets can help in breaking down toxins by also increasing the enzyme activity that helps your body eliminate the toxins quicker. Beets are best in salads or as a side dish. You can even eat it in tandem with garlic.

Sulfuric Vegetables

Raw edible portabello mushrooms with herbs on wooden board

Vegetables like mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and broccoli sprouts are sulfuric vegetables that contain a very powerful antioxidant called glutathione– which is very essential in activating phase 1 and 2 of liver detoxification.

This year, make it a habit to add more of this to your regular diet in order to help your liver do the detox. You only have one liver and most of the time the food we eat makes it work overtime. So, take care of your liver and make sure that you help it do its work!

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  • This sounds legit because it only aids in the detoxifying work of the liver. It doesn’t claim to detoxify on its own like those detox recipes.

  • Garlic is really healthy. Although the taste can be quite off-putting if you always put it in all your dishes.

    • Hannah Shaw says:

      I agree, it can overpower the taste of food easily but I guess it’s okay to space it out. Or try other ingredients that are on this list.

  • Gretchen Evans says:

    Do these have to be fresh? Like the milk thisle? πŸ˜„ Thank you.

  • Bobbie Gilbert says:

    Thank you, I really need this for 2019 because I feel like my 2018 is full of unhealthy habits.

  • Mary Carvalho says:

    We only have one liver yet we choose to abuse it with alcohol during the holidays. I feel like my friends need this.

  • Sara Moore says:

    Mushroom is really a healthy veggie. Good thing I love that! I know a lot of people who dislike mushrooms and it’s sad that they don’t get to enjoy the health benefits of it.

    • Joanne Reese says:

      Personally, I don’t like mushrooms either. Sorry!

  • Teri Bennett says:

    Beets is here! I love beets as a side dish and even on salads. I feel better knowing that eating it helps the health of my liver.

  • Lillie Vaoughn says:

    I think my liver needs a lot of help in detox. I feel like I’m not eating enough food that help in the process.

  • Nicole Johnsen says:

    I am a post-transplant patient and it is about 2 months may I take these herbs for my kidney cleanse.

  • Arianne Negron says:

    Thank you for the information!! Hopefully, it will improve my liver.

  • Sally Stennett says:

    Going to give this a try!!

  • Katel Wylie says:

    I just had a liver transplant. I’m happy I found your channel I will be trying these herbs.

  • Eveline Renaud says:

    You should have mentioned some recipe on using these herbs too.

  • Elora Algarin says:

    Forgot to include cilantro it detoxes your liver from heavy metals, that are found in our environment.

  • Paula Koller says:

    I love the way you keep us informed!!

  • Bobbie Vogel says:

    I’ve been investigating the nest natural remedy for reducing liver disease naturally and I discovered this today morning. Thank you!!

  • Daniela Lange says:

    This is great thank you so much for the information.

  • Alisson Tallent says:

    It should be noted that if your herbs are not organic, then you are more than likely putting toxins back into your body.

  • Cecilia Bates says:

    I never knew these herbs are helpful in detoxifying the liver. thank you!!

  • Jamy Binns says:

    I’ve suffered from the fatty liver for over 5 years. It had been only last year that I was told of having diabetes type. I didn’t wish to pump my body with drugs so I started out to do my own research. At some point, I came across treatment where you are supposed to have these natural herbs and it instantly made sense!! The transformation in my health has been nothing short of magic.

  • Christina Sorrell says:

    wow so well detailed and explained as well, thank you. even though i would never eat some of them such as garlic, this article has been such a great help.

  • Donna Robertson says:

    Absolutely genius! It all makes perfect sense, and I will definitely be adding them to my daily life. I’m a big fan of beets anyway.

  • Ella Sullivan says:

    Am I the only one who loves garlic despite the stink breath?πŸ˜‚Especially if you’ve tried tzatziki, you just can’t not love it😍

  • What about the whole seeds? How do you suggest we use these? How much (I assume ground) and how often?

  • Ive used other liver detox foods and supplements like NAC, tumeric, garlic, evoo, and peppermint tea no problem. However Milk Thistle even after one pill i am extremely moody and have brain fog for the rest of the day. Is it truly a detox or is there a chance milk thistle is the issue?

  • Bridget Green says:

    Garlic is a natural and effective antibiotic ! If you got a sore throat just chew on a clove of garlic for a min or so or as long as you can stand it. Then spit it out or swallow it. Sore throat will be gone quick.

  • Monika Segarra says:

    my mom actually started eating garlic a few months ago to see if her acne would clear up ( she’s always suffered from chronic acne as long as I can remember ) and it actually worked!!! Her face is so clear and its also helping her acne scars .

  • Patricia Barnett says:

    Are you talking about raw or boiled beets? Or it doesn’t matter really if are cooked or not, both are beneficial?

  • I love burdock.. I really love dandelion and burdock. Thank you for all the seriously awesome information you provide us!

  • Thanks for the detailed information. I have a question. I get emotional and frustrated when I take milk thistle. is that a liver detox effect?

  • Linda Marshall says:

    Chop garlic into pieces then swallow it like pills with water before going to bed feels good in the morning!

  • Evelyn Martin says:

    This is awesome!!!! I am a young adult who has had liver failure and a blood disease. My mother has always had her herbs. She taught me about most of the “weeds” on this earth. We make our own teas, smokeable herbs, tinctures, smudges, scrubs, oils, creams, and even more. So to say I’m curing myself with milkthistle.

  • Take milk thistle before you go out for a drink and the it before bed after your alcohol session… you will wake up HANGOVER FREE !!!! I swear by it, I’ve used it for many years. You’re welcome 😎

  • We always take care of the rest of our organs and rarely our liver. We take this thing for granted.πŸ˜•

  • Lillian Pease says:

    Do we still have to detox our liver even if we don’t drink alcohol?

  • Patsy Caldwell says:

    Nice, knowing that this helps my liver do its thing makes me want to eat it more. πŸ˜‹

  • Just by seeing garlic, mushrooms and sprouts on the list makes me feel like my liver is going to be healthy this year!

  • This post is super on point! Especially garlic is a life saver, not only for liver but also for stomach. It cured my acid reflux. Very happy. No more pills every day no more tums πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽβœŒοΈ Garlic saved my life.

  • Deborah Weaver says:

    Thanks for all the information. What dosage of beets would you recommend daily to help the liver?

  • Barbara Abbott says:

    I would want to know if its adviseable for women to eat beets too since it lowers estrogen and increases testosterone levels .

  • Brittney Hinkle says:

    I took milk thistle supplements for 3 months and didn’t feel or notice any changes/differences in my body or how I felt. Should have I used the actual plant? Would it have made any difference?

  • There’s no such thing as a cleanse detox! The air we breath is toxic and so are the FOODS! Might as well eat and drink what ever you want!

  • Carol McElhaney says:

    Do you think supplements are as healthy as the natural plants? Don’t they have chemicals in them?

  • These are so useful, Rebecca. Really informative! Thank you for educating us so we can make more informed choices for our well being.

  • Kathy Sells says:

    What about all the side effects that beetroot has? If I’m going to blend it and add lemon juice and water, for how long should I drink it and how often should I stop consuming beetroot to avoid all those bad side effects that it has?

  • Ashley Washington says:

    This is some great information! Garlic is a good natural gift but when you cook it lose 80% nutrients so eating it in raw form is a good choice .

  • Jodie Gagne says:

    I just ate a full garlic clove and almost vomited from my stomach acid rising. Take with some food!

  • Lindsay Wells says:

    there is burdock growing near a fresh water stream near my house, is it a bad idea to go pick it myself and eat consume it? I actually found it by accident wandering through there because I got poked by the spines of the flower in my leg…

  • I made some burdock root tea with root ginger and slices of lemon. IT TASTED LIKE HORSE PISS 🀣🀣🀣 so I put honey in to sweeten it. its too soon to see any benefits but I hope to make some more.

  • Shirley Ward says:

    Been doing this for years!!!! Awesome stuff and most of these grow everywhere here in Wyoming!

  • the food that doesn’t taste good is the healthy food and the food that taste good is the unhealthy food. life is very unfair.

  • How do you know so much about all of these? You are a human encyclopedia. I really admire you. Please keep blessing us with all your knowledge.

  • Barbara Warriner says:

    This is very helpful for January. I’m already starting to write down my resolutions and adding this to my diet can be a very simple yet healthy task.😊

  • Daisy Simms says:

    I don’t know where to buy the roots, but I could check online if I could plant them instead.

  • Jennifer Soriano says:

    Awesome!! I’m actually drinking some Burdock tea at the moment. I added Hemp Milk and agave with a pinch of sea salt. You should try it that way too!! It tastes delicious and makes me feel calm and energized at the same time 😁 hope u like it that way!!

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