Love seafood?


Love seafood? There’s a great phone app called Seafood Watch (by Monterey Bay Aquarium) – I look up fish every time to see if there are health warnings (like radioactivity, mercury, etc.) or environmental warnings (like overfishing or catching dolphins in the nets, etc.)

Check it out here:

Which health apps do you love?

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  • We love seafood. Seafood is any form of sea life regarded as food by humans. There are two types of seafood. Shellfish include various species of molluscs, crustaceans, and echinoderms. All these seafood. But somebody dislike seafood. But it is so essential for human-body. By a research over the past few decades has shown that the nutrients and minerals in seafood can make improvements in brain development and reproduction and has highlighted the role for seafood in the functions of the human body. Doctors have known of strong links between fish and healthy hearts ever since they noticed that fish-eating Inuit populations in the Arctic had low levels of heart disease. so i love seafood. Do you like ?

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