Post-Holiday Detox Tips

For most people, January is all about cleaning up your diet. But when I say cleaning, I don’t mean restricting your food choices and decreasing your food intake. Here in Radiant Peach, diets are all about encouraging you to eat more plant-based foods, more fiber, and more protein instead of stuffing yourself with sugar, MSG and other unhealthy ingredients. Not only that, but we’re also encouraging you to take your kitchen utensils out and let go of that phone before you order another take-out!

Below are the things that you need to do for your post-holiday detox.

Add more vegetables to your diet

If you think of it, it’s easier to add food instead of taking food out of your diet. The best way to reset and detox your body from all the toxins you probably ingested during the holidays is to pack your diet with fiber to help in cleansing your gut.

Vegetables also make you feel full and nourished easier, so chances are, if you start adding more vegetables to your regular diet, you’ll find yourself eating and snacking less and less because of the fiber you’re consuming. All you have to do is find a way to add it to every meal; as a side dish, a quick salad, and more! Just think, vegetables = detox!

Use oils with health benefits

The oils you use for cooking are as important as the ingredients you’re using. So, it’s best to use oils that offer additional benefits so you can maximize the health benefits of what you’re eating. You can use avocado, ghee, olive and coconut oil for cooking.

In my opinion, cooking your dishes depending on the flavor of the oil is also good to take note of. Ghee tastes buttery, while coconut adds a subtle sweetness, and olive oil works perfectly to finish soups and salads.

Choose whole foods

The best way to make sure that you’re getting the most out of nutrition and your money is to always choose whole foods. For example, when you’re going to bake and you’re going to use flour, it is highly recommended that you use a finely ground version of the whole food like coconut, almond and buckwheat flour.

Be aware of your sugar consumption

We’ve seen this fact everywhere and none of you are blind to the idea that sugar is a big culprit to the degeneration of our health. However, if you’re a sweet tooth and you feel like it’s hard to quit the sweet stuff, stop trying to get rid of it completely. The more you feel like you’re depriving yourself, the more you’ll easily boomerang to eating more of it.

The keyword here is to be aware of your consumption and eat less of it. You may also want to opt for less processed sugars that also have other health benefits like maple syrup, coconut, and honey. Another thing is that you might want to avoid buying sweets from restaurants or bakeshops, since you don’t really know how much sugar is in it. It would probably be healthier if you make your own sweets.

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  • How about spices? You forgot to say that we also have to maximize the health benefits of spices.😀

  • Patricia Barnett says:

    Sugar can be very tricky. Even honey can’t be 100% pure.

  • Lois HALE says:

    I never cook with just any cooking oil. It has to be ones that are healthy and has added benefits.

  • Kathy Sells says:

    I don’t even feel like eating anymore after the holidays. I feel bloated and heavy. Not a good feeling.🤮

  • Danielle Hyder says:

    I absolutely hate it when people tell me to eat less so I can slim down, that’s not how diet works.

  • Renee Brown says:

    After the holidays, it’s really a habit of mine to eat food that’s rich in fiber. If by any chance I ate something for the sake of socialization, fiber sweeps it away.

    • Elizabeth Brown says:

      Great idea, I actually feel like I should be doing that as well.

  • Crystal Lynch says:

    Other people even get heart problems because of using unhealthy cooking oils. So make sure you always choose healthy ones.

  • Jackie Love says:

    Sugar is really bad for your health. If you’re trying to find alternatives, make sure that you buy quality and pure ones.

  • Laurene Sirois says:

    This is real!!! I deal with this every holiday and I’m glad to see I’m doing most of your detox tips.

  • Peggy Barlett says:

    Thank you for this because I have totally been bloating myself up lately!! I’ve been off for like 2-3 weeks and I think I need to detox my body.

  • Patricia Strozier says:

    I am actually reading this for some motivation to get back on track tomorrow after the holidays.

  • Veronica Pittman says:

    Thanks for these tips. This is just what I need. I am very healthy and work out a lot but it was holidays and how cares about diet during those days.

  • Katherin Denton says:

    Considering, I just binged out this holidays I needed this. Went on a nice long walk today and trying to get back on track. I have such a bad relationship with food that I’m really trying to work on. I hope these detox tips will work.

  • Emilie Sampson says:

    Ate twice my usual calories these holidays!! Thank you for these detox tips.

  • Kaitlin Noble says:

    I had cheat meals all these holidays and OMG I’m 4 pounds heavier. OOPS!! so thank you for this tips.

  • Lydia McConnell says:

    Definitely needed to detox after having heavy meals this holidays.

  • Virginia Won says:

    literally, this is what I needed today I’m feeling bloated today it was holidays and I went completely overboard.

  • Cristie Russo says:

    I liked the idea of using different oils in my diet I usually use olive oil and never thought of using any other oils.

  • Jani Weldy says:

    I really think that it’s always good to add veggies to your diet and like you said it’s always easier to add food instead of taking it out of your diet.

  • Melba Charon says:

    I always try to add whole food into my diet it’s a really good and easy way to eat and be healthy.

  • Joanna Vanhorn says:

    I ate one of those huge Hershey’s Kisses that are like the size of your face that my friend gifted for Christmas and a whole batch of leftover brownies and cookies. I have been lacking on drinking healthy and have been drinking nothing but sugar. I am so bloated, have gained weight, and look and feel awful. And now I need to get back on track I hope this tips would help detox my gut.

  • Candice Krout says:

    I needed this because Christmas has me an extra 3lb bigger.

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