Processed Meats Cause Cancer

Most people are so busy nowadays and they don’t have enough time to cook actual food. Most of them just prefer food that is easy to make since it saves a lot of time. Most of those easy to prepare foods are processed foods. Yes, they taste good and are easy to prepare, but what you don’t know about these foods is that little by little they destroy our bodies. They can cause cancer as much as cigarettes do!

Based on a research, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified processed meat like hot dogs, bacon, sausages, and canned goods as a carcinogen, a substance that is causing cancer. This refers to meats that were made to preserve and/or add it’s flavor.

Experts from different countries found out that eating 50 grams of processed meat every day increases the risk of cancer by 18%. That is almost about 1 hotdog. All in all, the risk of a person in developing colon cancer is 5%.

Colleen Doyle, MS, RD, American Cancer Society managing director of nutrition and physical activity, says

“We should be limiting red and processed meat to help reduce colon cancer risk, and possibly, the risk of other cancers. The occasional hot dog or hamburger is okay.”

It is always been advised to limit intake of processed meats and red meats, and rather, eat fresh fruits and vegetables¬†and beans. Remember to avoid smoking as much as possible, stay healthy and have a regular exercise to help you lower your risk of getting cancer. It’s all the matter of having a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s all be aware and be conscious about our health and to the food that we eat. We can never know that the thing that we’re eating was harmful to our body.

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  • Rosalie Stevens says:

    If there’s anything that I don’t want my kids to eat is processed meat. I don’t let them eat hotdogs, bacon, or any other processed meats. It’s so unhealthy!

  • Lusi Martin says:

    I bet what they put in those processed meat stuff isn’t even meat to begin with!

  • Tricia Ramos says:

    But I don’t think all hamburgers are processed. It’s basically just ground beef with some spices. Although I’m not sure if fast food chains’ burgers are made from real beef.

  • Ashley Vaughn says:

    Disgusting.. I’m never eating hotdogs or sausages ever!?

    • Eva Reyes says:

      Exactly. It’s probably the worst thing that you can eat in your lifetime.

    • Juli Woods says:

      I have relatives who died of colon cancer. Which is why I try to eat healthy no matter what. I know that’s not hereditary or anything, but I want to be safe. I also tell my family the same thing and remind them that eating it might be delicious and all but it doesn’t contribute anything towards their health.

  • Jurik Smith says:

    I’ve been arguing about this with my husband because he thinks his love for burgers can never be stopped. I told him to stop eating it because it’s not good for his health.

  • Leona Palmer says:

    Does processed meat include dumplings in chinese restaurants? I’m well aware that it’s the usual hotdog and burger tandem that’s on top of the “processed food” thing, but I think there are more processed foods out there that we’re failing to recognize.

    • Deanna Harper says:

      Hams are also processed. There really is a lot.

  • Ani Hoker says:

    You are all vegans so what’s the point? No one could ever argue about meat products here because all you advocate are vegetables and grains.

  • Elsa Walton says:

    I hate red meat anyway. Eating it makes me feel like I’m going to have an indigestion.?

  • Luisa Rodriguez says:

    My body seems to know when I’ve ate too much processed food because I get a urinary tract infection. I think it’s because processed food also has lots of MSG.

  • Dawn Katz says:

    I honestly don’t understand why these BAD foods taste good. I hate how they feel like SIN when you’re eating them!

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