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Nice to meet you! I’m Rebecca Givens and this is my blog.Radiant Peach’s goal is to make healthy and beautiful choices accessible.I’m an expert in all things beauty, health, holistic, organic, food, toxins and fitness related.

Drop me a line if you have a question, and feel free to contribute by leaving comments — I read them all! But most importantly – keep smiling! 🙂

I’m open to partnering with the right brands. Shoot me an email and let me know what you had in mind!

By the way – I also counsel a variety of committed clients seeking a range of unique health goals. My special interests lie in finding creative, yet sound, solutions for digestive issues, vegan and raw food diets, pregnancy and weight management. I specialize in a holistic toxin-free approach.

My career is a natural extension of a lifelong passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I love keeping up on the latest health and nutrition news and preparing healthy and delicious meals for my clients and friends.

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“Being healthy should be fun! Once you get out of the habit of defaulting to a burger, froyo, or whatever it may be, and start selecting healthier choices, you’ll find that it opens up a whole new world of flavor!”

Wanna get in touch? Email me at rebecca @ radiantpeach.com


  • Hi Ariane, I love you! 🙂

  • Hello Rebecca! I really love your blog. It is really helpful! I’ve tried to follow your recommendations and I felt so much healthier! Thank you so much for making this beautiful blog.?

  • Hi Rebecca, all my live I have ben very skinny. Could you give some advice on how to gain weight the healty way. Greetings from laura from Amsterdam

    • Hi Rebecca, all my life I have ben very skinny. Could you give some advice on how to gain weight the healthy way. Greetings from Laura from Amsterdam

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