Chill this summer with herbal iced teas!

I know that summer is sort of coming to an end, but before we all welcome autumn, here’s one more thing to enjoy and to beat the summer heat – herbal iced teas!

herbal iced tea summer


Meet your summer herbal iced teas!

So the first thing that you’d probably ask is, what are the kinds of herbal iced teas that will benefit you the most this summer. Here are some of them:


Though the flower hibiscus can be found more commonly in the tropics, it doesn’t mean you cannot find the tea version of it in non-tropical countries.

The ruby-red color of hibiscus teas make it so attractively delicious and it has cooling properties, perfect for herbal iced teas in this blistering heat. It also helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels and even cholesterol. It also has a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C.


This herb will definitely help you cool down this summer.  And aside from that, it can also nourish the eyes and help alleviate heat rash and headaches due to too much sun exposure.


Everybody loves mint and we all know how soothing it is, especially when you’re experiencing a heat wave. It has a lot of essential oils and healing properties. It also calms the nervous and digestive system which means it can help if you have indigestion.


Don’t know how to make the herbal iced tea? Watch this video, or you can concoct your own!

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  • Rose Walters says:

    A very very cold iced tea sounds about right. YUMMY! ?

  • Caroline Beck says:

    Where can I get hibiscus tea?

  • Pat Gomez says:

    Mint and lemon has got to be my favorite iced tea. Sometimes, I even add a little orange to the mix. The citrus taste is really refreshing.❤️

  • Marguerite Fowler says:

    What tea do you guys use for base? Not all teas work, because it tends to taste bitter.☹️

    • Charlene George says:

      Have you tried adding honey?

  • Rita Taylor says:

    Where’s the recipe???

  • Alice Wood says:

    I think I want some chrysantemum tea. I’ve tasted one of those before and it’s really good.

  • Nancy Garrett says:

    I love tea! Whether it’s hot or cold, they’re the best thing ever.

  • I have some leftover tea that I can steep and add some mint with. Thanks for the idea!

  • Great idea! I’m planning some sort of get together party and I’m thinking of serving flavored herbal iced tea!

    • If it’s a party, why not opt for cocktails?

  • Wilma Williams says:

    If I’m going to chill for summer, water infusions and herbal teas would be my best bet to chill!

  • My kids would probably like this instead of juice. Thanks for the idea Radiant Peach!

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