The Future Of Food In 2019 According To Whole Foods Market

The Whole Foods market just released their most anticipated annual trend report for 2019. To my delight, the forecast was filled with gut-healthy favorites, nourishing fats, and sustainable choices that help save the environment. I’m honestly hoping that it’s the future that we all want to be a part of because it’s what most of us need in order to have a sustainable life and food source.

Pacific Rim flavors, eco-conscious packaging, faux meat snacks and new varieties of hemp-infused products are among the food influences expected to take off in the next year. The retailer’s seasoned trend-spotters thoughtfully compiled this report based on more than 100 years of combined experience in product sourcing, studying consumer preferences and participating in food and wellness industry exhibitions worldwide. – Whole Foods Market

Below are the predicted food trends for 2019:

Pacific Rim Flavors

The Future Of Food In 2019 According To Whole Foods Market

Flavor inspirations from the Pacific Rim (Asia, Oceania, and the western coast of North and South America) are going to be popping up like crazy in grocery stores and restaurants. People continue to explore the world through their palates and it’s really interesting. Vibrant tropical fruits such as guava, dragon fruit and passionfruit are going to make their way into our colorful and deliciously healthy smoothie bowls and cocktails. I travel to so many places and have fallen in love with a lot of flavors, so I really appreciate the fact that the availability of these fruits will be made easy for everyone.

Even the popular meat alternative jackfruit will soon replace items like barbecue pulled porks, and the ultra-sweet-tasting fruit called luo han guo will soon replace added sugars. Good news, right? Maybe in the future, we don’t have to deal with artificial sweeteners anymore.

Whole Foods and 365 Everyday Value brands will launch a limited collection of refreshingly sweet products that are inspired by guava tropical vinaigrette, pineapple passion fruit sparkling water, mango pudding mix, and even passionfruit coconut frozen fruit bars.

Probiotics That Are Shelf-Stable

We always keep our probiotics in the fridge in order to ensure that our gut is working well. But now, you can happily expect that there will be stable probiotics in popular pantry goods like oatmeal, nut butter, granola and more. There’s no excuse for you not to get your daily dose of healthy bacteria in 2019! Not only that, even beauty products will not be infused with probiotic-based ingredients too– even your sunscreen!

Whole Foods recommends GoodBelly Probiotics Crunchybars, Effi Probiotic Chickpea Granola, Pacifica Sunset Sun + Skincare Mineral Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 and a lot more.

Healthy Fats

The Future Of Food In 2019 According To Whole Foods Market

I’m so glad that the world is catching up with nourishing fats. In 2019, there will be more coconut-butter-filled chocolates, popcorn made with grass-fed ghee, and bars packed with MCT oil powder. You’ll easily find protein-packed, healthy-fat-laden snacks at your local Whole Foods Market.

Whole Foods recommends trying Evolved Keto Cups, Keto-friendly Dang Bars, Forager Project Organic Coconut Cashewgurt, Love Good Fats Plant-Based Bars, Vital Proteins Mocha Coconut Collagen Creamer.

Faux Meat

Just because you’re eating plant-based food it doesn’t mean that you can leave meaty flavors and textures behind. Innovations in faux meat will continue to surprise you this year. Meat jerkies and pork rinds will be taken over by mushrooms that have rich flavors. The options will be endless! I’m just so glad that companies are reinventing veggies and plant-based products to its full potential.

Whole Foods recommends Quevos Egg White chips for vegetarians for healthy snacking.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The Future Of Food In 2019 According To Whole Foods Market

Personally, this is my favorite. Packagings are as important as the food inside it. Certain brands are going to make a switch to packagings that are environmentally friendly and the change will continue to grow at a quicker pace. Dozens of brands in the OSCCompostable Packaging Collaborative have concentrated their efforts to make advancements in flexible product pouches. I honestly think that more brands should follow, so let’s see.

Whole Foods Market has begun setting up regional pilots to test recyclable strawless sipper lids made from PET without trying to increase the plastic content of a lid/straw combination. You can also expect to see a lot of emphasis on reusing and the bring your own vegetable bag kind of thing.

I’m really looking forward to more innovations in the years to come. It’s amazing that big companies and brands are now trying their best to be eco-friendly and sustainable all at the same time.

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  • Vera Butler says:

    All brands should try to use less plastic. It’s the number one thing that we need to fix aside from sustainable food source and plant-based food.

    • Rebecca Givens says:

      I’m so glad that more and more brands are doing this though. It’s an improvement!

  • Kristen Aguilar says:

    I’m very excited for the tropical fruits. There’s something about its taste that reminds me of summer and pinacoladas. It’s perfect! 😍

  • Annette Lawson says:

    Interesting. I love Whole Foods. I sometimes feel like they care about their consumers a lot and I just love how they’re kind of a one stop shop for me.

  • Looking forward to 2019 already. It’s like healthy eating is addicting once you get used to it.

  • I’ve tried jackfruit pulled pork and it actually tastes really nice. If you’re a meat eater you’ll know the difference but for the healthy eaters, you’ll learn to appreciate it.

  • Thank heavens for new options. I feel like I’ve tried a lot of things already and I want new options.

  • Healthy eating can never be boring. Soon enough nobody will have no excuse about not eating healthy.

  • I love oatmeal and I actually saw yogurt infused ones but I’m not sure about the probiotic aspect of it.

    • Rebecca Hanna says:

      I know, we’re so used to probiotic yogurts and drinks so granola bars will be quite different.

  • Mariel Rogers says:

    Thank you so much Whole Foods for bringing these things to us in 2019. I’m looking forward to it!

  • Grace Schlueter says:

    I used to hate faux meat because I don’t think they taste anywhere near actual meat. But I wanted to switch to plant-based so I had to make big changes in my life.😋

    • Rebecca Givens says:

      A little sacrifice goes a long way, Grace!

  • Kristy Murray says:

    There’s a lot of coconut infusions here. Sorry but I hate coconuts.

  • Louisa Ortiz says:

    My friends have been raving about this 2019 food trend but it’s good that you have it here on your site. I don’t really read other health websites.😍

  • Erminia Morris says:

    I can’t wait to try all of this. Especially the probiotics one. My children don’t like yogurt so I was thinking that granola bars will be easier.

  • Danita Mathis says:

    This is my favorite place to buy food whenever I have time. I know I’m guilty of going to the supermarket because it’s closer, but yeah, I love Whole Foods.

  • Julia Griffin says:

    Companies are getting all creative with their food. I hope that it’s all safe though. I don’t want to end up eating something that’s toxic in the long run. We’ve been fooled so many times already.

  • Alexia Moton says:

    The problem in food distribution, food wastage, and economics posses a much larger problem of feeding the world than low capacity in food production. Up to half of the food being produced ends up in landfills rather than feeding people.

  • Olivia Barreiro says:

    I think the future of food should be like popcorn seeds. we just heat it up and it pops into whatever food we want.

  • Cecilia Neel says:

    I was looking forward to substitute for meat. And here they are.

  • Ophelia Brass says:

    My constant nose bleeding has stopped after drinking lo Han guo. This fruit is a miracle. And it would be great if people can find it easily in 2019 because it has many benefits.

  • Sally Carrier says:

    I grew up having Lo Han Guo, but we bought then dried and we didn’t eat them. We boil them with water and drink the water as herbal tea. we never thought of using it as a sweetener but its a really great idea.

  • Lorette Foret says:

    Looks like what we can look forward to eating silicone implants in the future. Faux meat?? Are you kidding me??

  • Jayme Shifflett says:

    I like my food the way it is. But it would be great to eat all this different and healthy fruits.

  • Stefany Betz says:

    Wow, superb!! Hopefully, everything in the future will be nature-friendly.

  • Amelia Clement says:

    Am I gonna eat faux meat?? Hell no!! I’ll stick with steak thanks.

  • Marika Chien says:

    It would be much better if they could do something to make faux meat look a bit more appetizing and do something with the textures so it seems a bit more normal. I don’t think I’d have a problem eating them if they looked a d tasted like something I’m used to.

  • Alisson Tallent says:

    I’m a vegan and just can’t wait for faux meat. I could finally eat meat without having to kill animals.

  • Kelyne Dove says:

    I’ve never seen such a mishmash of good nutritious food and lab created pseudo-food before in my life. And the worst of it is that you’re lumping them all together like they’re equal, from superfood to poison and everything in between.

  • Alberte Wallis says:

    They all are vegetarian food, way more food for me. YAY!!

  • Leilany Dupree says:

    We don’t need this future food. We are better off with what we have and besides I encourage everyone to buy local and from farmers in your area. Most time, cheaper than the stores.

  • Alicia Schirmer says:

    It’s sad that we don’t even know what we’re really eating nowadays. One day you’ll be served faux meat instead of the real meat and you would never know. Why?? People why??

  • Lucia Gildea says:

    I would really be happy to eat faux meat as long as it tastes the same plus it will save some environment and our planet too.

  • Tommy Haskins says:

    How much more needs to be said to make people realize how big corporations are screwing us up??

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