Are you a couch potato? Here’s why you need to do walking instead.

We already know that walking instead of riding public transportation or driving or simply being lazy is good for our health.

So you might not be surprised anymore if I tell you what happened to a study conducted on more than 200,000 Australians. The researchers found out that instead of being a couch potato, an hour spent walking or doing physical activities reduces the odds of early death by 12 to 14%.

Walking for longer life

The researchers know that people spend an average of two to three hours just watching TV or sitting down and not doing anything.

With the average person sitting watching two to three hours of TV a day, there is definitely scope for people to get off the couch and be more active.

So does this mean that instead of watching your favorite TV shows, you need to go out and walk instead? YES. Even for only an hour.

Also, it doesn’t have to just be walking, the researchers also suggested that the activities to replace sitting down can be as simple as kicking a ball in your own backyard, or walking your dog for another thirty minutes every day.

If you do need to sit down because of desk work, try to spice it up by doing office exercises or the scientific seven minute exercises. The key is to always move as often as possible.

Here are some tips on how to brisk walk:

Do you think you can do it? Watch those TV shows whilst on a treadmill instead!

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  • Ana Drake says:

    Sitting for too long is actually very bad for your health!

  • Cheryl Reeves says:

    Whenever I’m working, I usually put a bottle of water beside me and drink everytime I feel bored. I do this so I can go for bathroom breaks and make sure that I’m not sitting for a long time. I get too engrossed with my work sometimes and I tend to forget, that’s why I make sure that I drink water so I’m urged to move around.

    • Vera Wolfe says:

      Great idea. I’m going to try this. I also have problems staying hydrated so this can do the trick for me.

  • Della Martin says:

    TV isn’t even an issue now. More like watching too much Netflix or being on our phone for too long causes us to sit half of the day… Or worse, an entire day.

  • Deanna Woods says:

    The lifestyle that we have most of the time is sedentary. We’re required to work long hours in front of our computers and we’re rarely active. I think this is another reason why the population that we have is always prone to sicknesses.

  • Joan Morales says:

    Maybe companies should also encourage a health-work balance by incorporating at least a few minutes of moving around. Other companies even have rules that people are not supposed to loiter or that they have to stay in their workstations and this can take a toll on the health of their employees.

  • I sometimes do stretches even when I’m sitting all day at work. I also try to move my legs a little but nothing too weird! ? My officemates will laugh at me.

  • Maxine Ford says:

    Thanks for the video about how to briskwalk properly. I would never think of Googling something like that unless of course I came across it.

  • Any type of walking is okay, right? Sometimes I just enjoy strolling at the mall and think of it as an exercise. It’s still walking anyway!

  • Karen Abeyta says:

    My knees start to hurt when I’m sitting for too long. So I really try and move as often as possible too. It’s scaring me that I might develop knee problems in the future.

  • When old aged people don’t move, their muscles deteriorate and their legs get smaller. I think it’s the same for younger people. Our muscles become weak if not smaller and that’s equally as horrible. Move around, swing your feet while sitting. Just make sure that you move.

  • Terrie McEvoy says:

    We’re office chair potatoes.? Nobody watches TV anymore.

  • We can’t avoid being ‘couch potatoes” whether it’s at work or at home. So it’s really suggested that we work around this kind of inactive lifestyle.

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