Can food alter your mood?


Have you ever thought why sometimes, all you need is to eat chocolate ice cream when you had a really tough day, and then you feel extremely better afterward?food alters mood

Food can alter your mood, and it’s already a scientific fact. And I think that we should all take advantage of it! Here are some suggestions on what to eat when you get depressed, when you get really angry, and when you can’t sleep:

If nothing is going the way you want it to be…

There will be times when you just want to cry your heart out from depression. But don’t fret, have some mashed potatoes or almonds! Mashed potatoes have chromium which can raise your serotonin levels and we all know serotonin can make you happy.

Almonds, which contain a lot of magnesium, is used to treat depression. If you don’t have almonds, you can eat walnuts, too. They contain omega-3 essential fatty acids that can also help your depression.

food alters mood

If you’re on the brink of losing it…

Trying to keep your cool is so difficult these days. There are just more things that annoy you than those that can calm you down. Thank god for watermelons and oranges.

Watermelon has potassium that can keep your blood pressure in desirable levels. Oranges have vitamin C which is really helpful whenever you’re in a stressful situation. Any kind of berry can substitute for oranges as well.

food alters mood

If you need more zzzzzz time…

There are food options that can contribute to giving you a better night’s sleep. Kiwis have serotonin, which can improve your sleep quality and will also let you have a longer sleep.

Having a few bits of cheddar cheese before sleep can help the brain use tryptophan, which is found in dairy products, to produce melatonin, which can induce sleep.

food alters mood


Here is a three-part video about how food affects your mood. Watch it and let us know if it helps! 😀

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