Healthier Alternatives to Sugar

The rumors you’ve heard about sugar is real. Scientific studies have linked sugar to increased cases of obesity, heart disease, cancer, and impaired brain function. It’s safe to say that it’s nowhere near healthy, but it’s something most of us can’t live without. The moment we start to think about our favorite drink or dessert without sugar, some of us would scream our head off. (Am I right?)

To make things worse, consuming too much sugar is not only bad for our health, but it also saps our energy instead of boosting it. Basically, bad carbohydrates that are nutrient-poor use vitamins and mineral reserves to metabolize them without bringing any benefits whatsoever. Then, your body is depleted with nutrient stores, specifically Vitamin B and minerals, leaving you feeling tired. Whoever said that sweets or sugar, in general, is addicting, he/she is not lying. It is a cycle of eating sugar, only to crave more and more of it.

There are a lot of healthier alternatives to sugar out there, but it doesn’t mean that it’s 100%  good. Upon doing my research, the things I will be listing below still contains sugar. However, it’s less in fructose and sucrose content and contains other minerals and nutrients. Maybe in the long run, once you’ve gotten used to the natural taste of food, you can start omitting these alternatives too.

Maple Syrup

If you love pancakes, then this is your best friend. Maple syrup is harvested from Maple trees, which is then boiled down and filtered. It’s made up of 70% sucrose, with a low fructose level and has been found to contain antioxidants.


It’s flower nectar collected by bees and is naturally broken down into simple sugars, then stored in honeycombs. However, it’s good to know that natural (small batch, raw, organic) honey is rich in nutrients while commercial honey isn’t too different from sugar. In order to get the health benefits of honey, it needs to be raw, and organic.


These are byproducts of the sugar-cane refining process. It is rich in all the nutrients extracted from sugar, which is iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and potassium. It is the most recommended source of iron for vegans.

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