Make your kitchen raw food friendly with these 6 food items!

Adding raw food items to your kitchen is the start of switching to a healthier diet. Hopefully, by now, I’ve inspired you to try to convert or at least try a healthier diet option.

I talked about the raw diet here, and I’ve got some questions about how to start changing their kitchen to become raw food friendly. So I’m going to tell you today about the first six food items that you should stock up on in your kitchen to slowly welcome a raw diet.

raw food


Green, leafy stuff

raw food

Anything green and leafy that you can chew (without having to cook it) should be a staple in your soon-to-be- raw diet kitchen. I love eating salads, and I usually have all those green herbs like parsley and basil to add to any kind of dish, even cooked ones.

You’re only beginning and I won’t force you to suddenly stop eating what you usually eat and switch to raw.  Remember, one step at a time. And you can start by always having salads prepared during meals and tossing those green herbs to your dishes.


raw food

Imagine this vegetable as having the most number of minerals and nutrients than any vegetable grown on land.  It has iron, calcium and iodine plus it can be used to detox, to cleanse your lymphatic pathways and liver,  an alkalizer,  and supports your thyroid functions, too.

In case you don’t like how it taste, try wrapping your favorite food in it. For example, a friend of mine hated how salty nori is, so what she did was to wrap pickles with nori and eat it.

Fermented Vegetables

raw food

Just soak your favorite vegetable in a brine solution and leave it there for a couple of weeks. Even days would be enough if you really can’t wait.

These fermented vegetables become a great source of enzymes and probiotics for strengthening your immunity and can definitely improve digestion. It also helps you absorb more nutrients, great for a mood boost and surprisingly, create glowing skin!


raw food

This is great for all you chocolate lovers out there. Eating cacao raw will give you a lot of minerals, and, of course, make you happy and give you antioxidants.

You can use it to make chocolate, just make sure it’s more than 80% and then add some herbs and fruits to make it more raw friendly.


raw food

I don’t have to emphasize the need to eat nuts, especially cashews. It has minerals and the good kind of fat. Eating these will be beneficial to your brain, skin, bones and mental health.


raw food

In case you’re still living under a rock and isn’t updated as to what avocados can do for you, just remember – good fat. They are full of good fats which feed the brain and it aids in hormone production.


Here are some easy tips to store those raw food that you’ve just incorporated in your kitchen:

What are you waiting for? Try stocking up on raw food now and tell us if you feel the difference of eating raw food with your normal, cooked food. 😀

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