How do you “grow” fresh air indoors?

Everybody knows that there are a lot of benefits when you breathe fresh air. Unfortunately for us city dwellers, this might be a daunting task. We battle through heaps and heaps of modern technology and pollution every day, even during our sleep. And the worst part of it all is that our indoor air is worst than the outside air pollution. Do we really need to travel to the mountain side or to the shores to get fresh air?

Green is the key

I wasn’t a science geek in elementary school, but I’m sure we all know that plants “filter” the air. The green leaves absorb carbon dioxide, which we know is the bad stuff, and then produces oxygen, our life source and what we know as fresh air.

You might think that it’s easy, let’s all put green plants inside the house so we can have enough oxygen supply and breath fresh air indoors! Just like the one in this photo:

fresh air

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a tall potted plant and a lawn for a carpet. But you know what, I think this is a wee bit overkill. While it’s true that fresh air comes from plants, research have shown that there are certain plants that can filter out common volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Examples of these are the chemicals that are coming from paint inside the house, benzene, chemical-based cleaners, etc.

Not only will these fifteen plants bring you more oxygen, but will also clean the air in the house. Nothing spells fresh air more than this!

Plants which you can literally grow for fresh air

1. Aloe Vera

fresh air

Removes: formaldehyde, benzene

From: byproduct of chemical-based cleaners, paints

2. Spider Plant

spider plant fresh air

Removes: benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene

From: solvent used in the leather, rubber and printing industries

3. Gerbera daisy
gerbera daisy fresh air

Removes: trichloroethylene, benzene

From:  dry cleaning, inks

4. Snake plantSnake plant fresh air

 Removes: formaldehyde

From: cleaning products, toilet paper, tissues and personal care products

5. Golden pothos
golden pothos fresh air

Removes: formaldehyde

From: car exhaust

These are just some of the popular plants that can filter out VOCs in your home. These plants require low maintenance and can even grow in the dark.The other plants are:

6. Chrysanthemum

7. Heart leaf philodendron

8. Chinese evergreen

9. Red-edged dracaena

10. Bamboo palmeeping fig

11. Weeping fig

12. Azalea

13. English ivy

14. Warneck dracaenapeace

15. Peace lily


If you’re still not convinced about the miraculous wonders these small green things can do, watch this video and learn more:

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  • That room is very pretty. I never thought that apple green color looks very refreshing as an interior color.

  • Mary Leest says:

    I love having plants at home for design, but I also take note of the fact that it does absorb toxins in the air which is a plus.

  • I’m very particular about the plants I put at home. For bigger rooms, I also opt for bigger plants because a small plant isn’t going to produce much.

  • My problem is that as much as I want plants inside my house, I just can’t afford to take them out all the time, one by one, just so I can water them and give it sun.

    • Actually, most of these plants aren’t high maintenance. You just have to water it or spray it every other day. No need to take it out since these are indoor plants. If possible, you can just put them in places like near windows.

  • Judith Estrada says:

    I like to think that we’re also helping the environment whenever we’re growing more plants and putting plants in our homes.

  • Guadalupe Lee says:

    My kids are the ones in charge of watering the plants. I think it’s a good thing to have them at home because as early as 5yo, I already teach them how to be responsible of living things and not just be able to clean up their own toy

  • Laura Mendoza says:

    Are these plants low maintenance? I want to come home with greenery and fresh air. But I’m just too busy to even take care of plants. I also live alone, so there’s no one to take care of my plants when I’m not around. I also travel a lot and sometimes I’m out of the country for the entire month.

  • Erica Beck says:

    Plants can even reduce negative vibes at home. How? Well, just look at your very cute plant and look at how it stays chill no matter what happens!

    • Kathryn Hill says:

      Hahaha, but seriously, I think it really does absorb negative vibes. I read an article that says it.