What does it really mean to be a vegan?

I am a vegan. I enjoy my fruits and vegetables and all kinds of non-meat food. Some people have asked me why I am doing this. Is it because it’s healthy? Or is it because I want to lose or maintain my current weight? Or is it because it’s a fad?

Well, watch this video about animal slaughtering and then tell me if I am a vegan because it’s a fad (Disclaimer: video can be quite appalling).

I cannot even begin to explain why I even asked you to watch that clip. Being a vegan is so much more than just loving organic fruits and vegetables or about being healthy. Being a vegan also means that I am against and will always be harbouring resentment for the people who treat animals this way.


In an article recently posted on L.A. Times, the Catholic pope encouraged everyone to end animal cruelty and not to cause animals to suffer or die needlessly.

The question is not reading into what he actually said. The question is, what does he actually mean? Is this in reference to the famed Yulin Festival in China that slaughtered dogs for food? Or is the pope actually telling us to not eat animal meat and go vegan? Because it’s the same thing. Having to breed animals just for them to walk toward their deaths is suffering. Especially the way these animals are cared for. That video above says exactly that.


What it really means for me to be a vegan is that I don’t agree on how the animals are being treated, on the way they have lived their lives just so you can a hamburger or enjoy you chicken nuggets. This treatment exists because the people continue to support eating meat. And nobody does anything about it.

Me being vegan is a silent protest. I may not be rallying in front of slaughterhouses, I may not be protesting in front of fast-food chains. But I am not in any  way causing profits for these kinds of harmful activities to animals.

I am first and foremost a vegan because of this. And I know I cannot convince all of you to do the same thing, but at least ponder about it.

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