Healthy Routine for Busy Lifestyles

Have you ever woken up one morning and realized your lifestyle was really not healthy enough? For me it was actually one cold evening way before I started my present lifestyle; I looked in the mirror and all I saw was a girl clearly too young to be stressed out, tired eyes, skin not exactly glowing.
I made some research to ease my sense of guilt, and apparently it is a pretty common moment in every girl’s life: the moment you realize your body is your temple, and it means some little but meaningful fixes.

As a very busy person, I do not really have the power to make some major changes in my lifestyle. However, with some small improvements, any busy lifestyle can be polished in no time. Here are my very personal tips for you, and I have to say, it really worked well for me!

Sleep at least 7 hours per night – I am a nighttime writer, and sometimes this is the hardest part. What can I do, I am more productive at night! However, I figured that sleeping a bit more and waking up a bit earlier boosts my morning energy, something I didn’t even know was possible!healthy routine lifestyle

Eat well during lunch break – When the clock says it is time for lunch, all I usually want is a massive bowl of noodles. Apart from the consequent sleepiness, I realized having a salad or a vegetable dish instead makes my stomach lighter, my digestion quicker and the rest of my day better. If you can’t be bothered with salad, maybe you still haven’t realized all the infinite possibilities it can offer. I love my salad with boiled eggs and sunflower seeds.

Walk home – Or take the stairs. Cut all the unnecessary lifts and escalators; soon you will realize that reaching that 8th floor to reach your friend’s place didn’t cause you much panting. It is important to keep moving, especially when there is no time to exercise. What I do is taking all the stairs I can whenever I don’t have time to go for a run.

Keep some time just for yourself – Every couple of days, take extra care of your body-temple with a relaxing bath, a face mask and some hair treatment. It might sound as a waste of precious time, but you can never really be too busy to forget about your very own heath. You deserve to be cuddled! When creams and masks get too expensive, a cheat day can be as good. Buy yourself some ice cream and watch a chick flick. Reward yourself for the great job you have done this week.

They can look like very small changes, but trust me, they make a difference. Tweaking your lifestyle this bit will make you feel better and probably it will also make you want to tweak more. It feel good to be healthy, even when you have to run around all week.

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