Are you addicted to your phone?

Do you spend a lot of time faced down on your mobile phone? Whether it’s chatting with your friends on social media or checking out Instagram photos of your favorite celebrities?

phone addict


There aren’t just psychological effects to too much phone usage, especially for school aged children and teens, but physical effects as well. With the average person receiving an annual 2.19 trillion messages, these physical effects are becoming rampant all over the world. Here is a video showing the possible psychological effects of texting to teens.

On the other hand, here are the physical effects of texting on you.

Your body when texting/using your phone

Aching neck and sore back

In case you noticed, you tilt your head down when you use your phone. This posture can put dangerous pressure to the spine. The average head weighs ten pounds, and exerts a 60 pound force when tilted at a 60-degree angle. The consequence of this is a sore back and neck.

What to do: Hold your phone at eye level.

Text Claw

Carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis are common injuries due to excessive use of fine motor movement. Texting utilizes your fine motor skills, hence, you could be prone to these injuries.

What to do: Take hourly breaks off your phone, have weekends without phone usage, exercise your fingers and stretch them to a full range of motion

Breathing Problems

Texting posture makes it difficult to breathe, especially when you hold this posture for a long time. Studies also revealed that we tend to pause our breathing when checking our phones, which they termed screen apnea.

What to do: do breathing exercises at least thrice daily, spend less time away from your phone

Text Thumb

The thumb is kept busy during texting. Excessive use can result in pain and decrease in grip strength.

What to do: Use your phone’s voice recognition software


To some, getting away from their phones seem to be impossible. But try your best to not be on your phone all the time, it will save you from the damages that it can cause in the long run.

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