Simple detox tips for your home

Yes, you read that right, detox tips for your home. Last week I talked about tips to detoxify your body inside the comforts of your own home. But did you know that it’s not only you who needs to have a detox, but also where you’re spending most of your time.

detox tips for your home


Detox Tips for your Home


No, you don’t have to grow a garden inside your house and not in your backyard. There are several plants that can “clean” your air. I wrote about them here.

Vinegar magic

Instead of using your toilet bowl cleaner, try pouring a glass of white vinegar inside the bowl before you go to sleep. You can scrub a wee bit, then you will see the difference in the morning.

You can also add salt and baking soda to vinegar to clear your sink drain. Just put equal parts of all three ingredients and slowly pour onto the drain.

Another way to use vinegar to detox your washing machine is by pouring a glass of it and running the machine in a normal cycle. It’s like a juice cleanse for it.

Ground coffee leftovers

After you’ve freshly brewed that ground coffee, don’t throw it. Instead, put it in a transparent jar and place it inside the fridge. It becomes a DIY air freshener and get’s rid of the smell.


If you want more, this video has a couple of detox tips for your home as well:

You think you can detox your home at least once every two weeks? 😀

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