Do you know that there’s poop everywhere?

I do not mean to gross you out, but each and every single thing you can imagine has fecal matter or bacteria on it. Like you, I have little knowledge of where these fecal bacteria are hiding, but thanks to our microbiologists, we know which to avoid, which to clean most, and of course, to wash our hands religiously.

fecal matter


Let’s start in your home. You’d probably think the toilet is the dirtiest place, do you? Think again, it’s actually the kitchen. The sponge that you use to scrub off dirt from your dishes has the most number of fecal matter. There is also a concentration of fecal bacteria in the kitchen sink drain. Guess what else? The mighty chopping board! The cleanest areas in your home turn out to be the bathroom counter top, floor and toilet seat.

fecal matter (3)


And don’t think you’ve escaped the wrath of the fecal bacteria. Your purse that you carry around has fecal bacteria, especially on the bottom part. Definitely your shoes. Your mobile phone, of course, has it as well so don’t be surprised if you test positive for fecal matter or bacteria on your hands now. And even if you wash your underwear, there’s a one-tenth gram of poo in it.

fecal matter


In the office, your keyboard is the dirtiest place and the office coffee mugs as well. And where else? If you climb, those walls have fecal material, shopping carts in groceries have poo, and even in our air! Scientists say it’s most likely from dog’s feces.

But will these get you sick?

Scientists say NO.

You will only get sick if the fecal matter that you touch or accidentally ingest has salmonella or shigella. And the odds that the fecal matter that you have in contact with can transmit disease is quite low. But this also doesn’t mean that you should be lax about hygiene.

Proper hand washing is still the way to go. As I mentioned in the previous entry (Read: 5 Reasons to Ditch Your Antibacterial Soap Right Now), good old water and plain hand soap can eradicate these germs and keep you clean.

Watch this video and know more about the areas that have germs. Happy hand washing!


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