Antioxidants and Glowing Skin: Learn All About It!

You’ve heard it time and again, the secret to glowing skin isn’t what you apply externally, but what you put internally. Simply put, even though you purchased a hundred dollar beauty product to apply on your skin every night, you still won’t get that glowing skin without eating these food items high in antioxidants. Not only that, it will also help you save that hundred dollars.



Antioxidants in food are actually quite popular. There are so many different kinds of antioxidants in certain food items, so which one will help your skin glow?


Antioxidants for glowing skin

Here are 5 of these antioxidants and which food items contain them the most:

Vitamin C

Eat more: oranges, kiwi, spinach, broccoli, peppers, berries


Drink more: green tea and red wine


Indulge more in: dark chocolate (80%)


Munch more: watermelon and tomato

Allium Sulphur

Cook more with: onion and garlic

If you feel like its too much information and you’d forget it, refer to this chart from and eat more of these:

glowing skin antioxidants


Or learn how to prepare antioxidant packed snacks in this video:


This sure is easier than letting go of a hundred bucks for a 15ml tube of beauty product! Plus you will also reap all the benefits of eating more antioxidants, and not just glowing skin. 😀

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