Yoga poses to do at home

Some of you might think that yoga is overrated, while others will simply say that it’s a fad. But what does science tell us? Yoga has health benefits. And though I am not going to tell you about these health benefits now, I am going to tell you that probably like majority of you, I barely have time to drive to a yoga studio and attend classes. I do, though.



Now that fall is just around the corner and we’d be welcoming winter soon, having a quick run or walk outside will prove to be difficult. So aside from doing at-home exercises, you will also benefit from doing these four simple and basic yoga poses (and you don’t have to be doing the whole yoga bit at all).

Here are these four poses:


Tree pose

balance pose yoga

Do you know that as we age, we tend to be susceptible to falls because we lose our balance? So if you want to improve your balance, why not do a simple tree pose? I know the photo above looks challenging as it is, but you don’t have to lift your foot up to your knee, not just yet. Just try to raise your foot up to your ankle or calf. Let it stay there for about a few breaths and then switch.

Legs up the wall pose

legs up the wall pose yoga

You can do this as soon as you wake up. Just imagine you’re doing a right angle position. You will not only feel relaxed but the swelling on your feet will be lessened and you get to stretch your legs and release back tension. Stay for a couple of minutes in this position and you’re good to go.

Forward fold pose

forward pose yoga

Again, this simple pose in the photo will do. You don’t have to go all the way and let your hands wrap around your legs. This pose has similar benefits to the legs up the wall pose, but it’s most important benefit is the message that it sends your joints. This pose allows your hip joints to be stretched, and so, used. At thirty years old, the hip joints stop regenerating cells, so using them will send the message that they should not stop working.

Twisting pose

twisting pose yoga

This pose massages your digestive organs and relieves intestinal discomfort.


Do you think these poses are too simple for you? But still do them anyway as they have really great benefits. Here is a twenty-minute beginner’s video that you can try if you want more challenge:


Have fun! 😀

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