The Best Vegan Lifestyle Sites with Ridiculously Delicious and Easy Recipes

Think of these vegan lifestyle sites as a virtual support system on your vegan journey.

A thing that I absolutely love about my vegan lifestyle is connecting with other people who are as passionate as I am about living compassionately. There are many fantastic sites out there with recipes and vegan lifestyles tips, but what these sites have in common is personality.


When you’re living a vegan lifestyle, vegan recipes and tips are a huge help, but of course they aren’t not the whole picture by any means.

Veganism can come with a feeling of isolation, especially if you don’t have any vegan friends of family. I’m lucky to know lots of awesome vegan people. They respect my choice to live a vegan lifestyle. There are just some things that we don’t get to commiserate about, like coming up with an awesome recipe for vegan queso or the quest for vegan boots.

vegan recipes

That might make it sound like it’s hard to be vegan, but it really isn’t. Like any lifestyle change, it just takes time to adapt, and I think that these vegan writers do an amazing job of sharing not just their kitchens but a bit of themselves with everything that they write.

My pick of top ten vegan lifestyle sites, that make eating vegan crazy delicious and easy.

These are in no particular order – all of these peeps are #1 in my book! Courtesy of

  1. Cadry’s Kitchen      Vegetarian Recipes
  2. Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking
  3. Canned Time
  4. An Unrefined Vegan
  5. Kelli’s Vegan Kitchen
  6. Luminous Vegans
  7. Veganosaurus
  8. Vegan Miam
  9. And This Is Thirty
  10. Cake Maker to the Stars

I’d love to hear from you guys, too! What are your favorite vegan lifestyle sites?

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