Teas that you need to drink to block fat

If you’ve been following my blog for some time now you know that I’ve always been sharing with you guys my love of tea. I wrote about tea benefits here and the different kinds of tea here, if you need a recap.


teas to block fat


But what I haven’t really touched is what tea can give you if you need something that will help with weight control. No, I’m not talking about losing weight, but maintaining and helping you keep healthy. This is especially for those that have diseases somehow related to weight, like diabetes and heart ailments.

What can drinking tea do for you? Some specific teas are able to block fat, and can help greatly if you need to maintain weight or lose it. Or even if you need to lessen your body fat for medical reasons.

Here are the teas that can block fat:

Black Tea

If you’re stressed, black tea can help alleviate this. How? It reduces your level of fat-storage hormones. Simply put, it actually brings your cortisol level down and it calms you.

Pu-erh Tea

This tea is so magical because it can shrink your fat cells. It can lower your triglyceride levels and belly fat.

Green Tea

I love green tea. Time and time again, this tea has been proven that it can really boost your health. It helps block fat by reducing your genes that are receptive to fat.


Watch this video to learn more about which teas are great fat blockers and burners:

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