Can You Make Up For Lack Of Sleep?

Have you ever wondered why you still feel tired even if you slept until noon because you’re trying to make up for last night’s lack of sleep? Because in reality, you can’t really make up for lack of sleep. You can’t trick your body into thinking, “Hey, I added a few hours to my sleep today because I barely slept last night!”

Whenever you barely slept or didn’t even sleep the night before, you can no longer erase damage you’ve caused your body and to your daily life. Trying to compensate for lack of sleep is just a coping mechanism. It’s just people trying to justify their bad habits in order to prevent themselves from adapting to better ones. Others think of it like: “I’ll just sleep my weekend off so I can make up for my entire week’s sleepless nights.” Most of us are guilty of this! But the thing is, you have already gone through your week not feeling your best. Then, you’ll sleep the weekend off. Weekends are usually the only time that you can do more productive things that aren’t relevant to work. It’s probably the only time you can dine at a nice restaurant to relax and eat, have a few drinks with your friends, or read a book in a coffee shop. You’ll be surprised how quickly the weekend has gone because you’ve slept the entire day and you’re facing another week of sleepless nights. Does that sound fun and healthy to you?

The only way to make up for lack of sleep is to have 8 hours of sleep daily. Period.  Do that for consecutive days and months and you’ll get used to it, effortless. You’ll be surprised how amazing your mood has improved, your productivity at it’s maximum, and your health at its best.

Never take sleep for granted. It’s your body’s way of rejuvenating itself in order to function well. As simple as a few days of sleeping late can cause your immune system to plummet, and we don’t want that. There are also studies that say lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain!

Being healthy isn’t all about eating well and making sure you’ve had your daily exercise. Health is a holistic thing and that includes getting enough sleep daily.

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