5 Medication Mistakes That You Are Probably Making

Not Knowing What It’s For

We all trust our doctors in helping us feel better by the medications that they’re giving us. However, you should take the time to be aware of what each drug is for. Having a clear understanding of the condition that you have and the medication that’s being used to treat it will give you a better understanding about its importance. Read the leaflets and labels too, there might be counterindications that you failed to mention to your doctor such as pregnancy, other medications that you’ve taken previously or currently taking.

Not Knowing The Names

This is very basic but a lot of us fail to remember the medications that we’re taking. Worst case scenario, if there is a life and death emergency and you have no idea about the generic names or specific brand that you’re taking, any medical practitioner may end up giving you the wrong one. This can be disastrous if you have allergies to certain generics and brands. If by any chance that you forget your medications at home and the nearest access is a pharmacy, if you don’t know what you’re taking, how can you even purchase it?

Not Taking It Correctly

This seems very easy to take note of, but you’d be surprised at how many people could actually make a mistake on this one. Let’s just say you got a little absent minded and the doctor told you to chew your medications, yet you didn’t chew it because you failed to hear that part. Some medications that are in tablet forms are meant to be crushed, not taken as a whole. Most of the time, we just assume that tablets are just consumed as is but that’s not the case. Worst case scenario, you were told to measure by a tablespoon and you took it with a teaspoon. As simple as it sounds, it doesn’t seem so simple after all.

Not Following the Prescribed Full Course

Okay, so you probably feel better after 3 days of taking your antibiotics. It’s a very expensive one and you just suddenly decided to stop taking it since you feel cured already. Don’t ever do that especially with antibiotics. It could lead to severe consequences such as being immune to that medication in the future. It can even cause bacterias and viruses to mutate and your current illness could get worse.

5 Medication Mistakes That You Are Probably Making

Not Storing Your Medications Correctly

Some medications can require certain temperatures in order to not lose potency. Others can be sensitive to light, humidity, cold or warmth. Always read the labels so you know how to store them correctly. It would be a waste of money for a prescription medication to go to waste just because you failed to store it correctly.



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