Tips to Beat Acne Permanently

Acnes are just the ugliest thing ever. Take it from me. I’ve seen my beloved sister’s daily fight with dark spots and oily mug all through her teenage. And these god-awful blemishes accompanied her and well onto her college. That’s when I grew the massive amount of hate for acne.


Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter the amount of time you spend cleansing, toning and moistursing your skin; the spots just don’t seem to budge.

And what I’ve learned over the years is this – you can’t hunt down and banish acne for good in a few mere days.
You need to devote yourself to the system – change your diet, get good nights sleep, keep your colon clean, and stop putting all sorts of chemical on your face that you can possibly lay your hands on. Most importantly, you need to stop worrying about acne because stress triggers growth of acne, and causes hormones to be even more out of balance.
Instead breath – take long deep, relaxing breathes. And breath out all the negativities. If you truly want to get rid of acne once and for all, you have to devote yourself to the detoxification process. Shortcuts usually don’t work if you’ve had a history with acne from very early time on.


But in the meantime, here are five simple but effective ways you can achieve and maintain glowing skin the natural way – that you can start from RIGHT NOW!!

1. Drink loads, and loads of water.

You might be rushing to the ladies’ room already with your current water intake. But even if you have to camp out in your office facilities, up the agua. It’s still the key to great skin.

2. Lemon Juice

This is the Holy Grail of all acne remedies. I usually drop a good squirt of lemon juice, mixed with cucumber juice on cotton ball, and place it on the affected area as long as an hour or so. But please only do this if your skin can put up with the harsh CaCo2 (I’m a nerd!) Test it on a small area first. But it stings intially so be preapred to bear with that.
Or better yet, sleep with it. It has worked wonders on my skin and I assure you you’ll see results in less than 4 days.

3. Rub Ice

All over your face. You’ll notice the voluptuous zits dramatically reduce in size if you hold it for a minute or so. And if you make the routine of washing your face everyday, everytime with ice cold water, you’ll be surprised to see your skin switch to the far end of the oily spectrum – your skin will appear brighter.

4. Vitamin A and E

Pop vitamin A and E pills daily to help strengthen your skin, decrease oil production, assist in skin cell renewal and clear up acne scars.

5. A Healthy, Balanced Diet

It took me a longgg time to finally come to the realization that I need to overhaul my diet and switch to a healthy, balanced diet. It broke my heart because I had to let go of pizzas, nachos, burgers and cutlets. But remember, definitely battling acne on all fronts is key. So please ensure to take the time to carve out a balanced nutritional plan that can help you achieve a fresh face. Because your skin is a direct reflection of what you eat.

Have you tried any of these tips? Or do yiu have your own awesome ones? Please share away.   

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