5 Ridiculously Delicious Alternatives To Coffee

I know how hard it is to begin every single morning looking at that delicious pot of coffee being served by the waitress in the diner when all you can do is watch and drive away.



Trust me I feel your pain, me being a lifelong coffee drinker switching to alkaline diet, I long for the bitterness of freshly ground coffee.

I absolutely always need some sort of coffee beverage in the morning to get my system started.

But caffeine cravings are fierce and I haven’t quite given it up entirely yet. Instead, I mix it up everyday. And have it in moderation. Ooh, btw, I’m a big believer in moderation and of carefully monitoring personal habits. And we all know the havoc too much caffeine can cause to our health.

So does this mean when a post-lunch slump has you running to the nearest Starbucks for an espresso shot, you just turn around and walk away, even if it kills you inside? Not necessarily. Instead I’ve decided to enjoy my coffee — but just not every day. And you should too.

There are some alternatives that make for invigorating and healthy libation, that are all natural and super healthy – and awfully good for your body.

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