Why you NEED to care about BPA

soup2As you may know, Bisphenol A (BPA) is an an estrogen-mimicking industrial chemical used in common plastic products, such as baby bottles, children’s toys and the linings of most food and beverage cans. This is a bummer, especially when we learn that many scientific studies have found strong links between BPA exposure and serious health problems, including developmental problems in human brains and hormonal systems. It also causes Cancer, Kidney and Heart Disease.

BPA is already banned in Canada and the European Union. Despite the mounting evidence, the completely corrupt Federal Food and Drug Administration still says BPA is safe (even though it did OK a ban on BPA in baby formula packaging, bottles and sippy cups).

How to Avoid BPA:

Each study that’s added to the pile indicates troubling links between BPA and serious health issues. So how do we rid ourselves of BPA? Complete elimination may be impossible, as we’ve all already been exposed, but here are some ways to minimize exposure moving forward:

– Eat fewer canned foods, including prepared soups, vegetables, sauces, soda and beer.
– Don’t microwave polycarbonate plastic food containers.
– Choose toys, bottles and other products that are BPA-free. Look for soft or cloudy plastic rather than hard and clear.
– Say ‘no thanks’ to the receipt. Cash register receipts contain higher quantities of BPA than other sources.

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